Things That Are My Jam

Happy Tuesday, e’erybody! It was sooo nice to have a few days off in San Diego last week. I was able to sleep in, see some SD friends of mine and their new baby (miss you, Kelly’s!!), and get to spend some glorious time in the sun with my man-friend. The following things were my jam in San Diego:

This Boat View
and the relaxation that happened there

This Apricot Jam

These Colors 
from our walk around Del Mar

And these ones too
I was going to include photos of my insanely delicious
Fish Tacos from En Fuego, but they disappeared too soon for photos.
moving on…

This Sunset
as well as the ones the days before and after

This Sangria

And these FRIENDS! 
Thanks for a fabulous stay, as usual, Ted and Ann. 
It was awesome to see you and
we miss you already! 
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TRX Summit 2013: San Diego

Hey Guys! Hope you all had a great Memorial Day weekend! I’ve been in San Diego (and am still here) for the annual TRX Summit – think of it as a really physical work retreat. In years past we’ve gone to different cities, but this year’s took place in SD, which is very exciting for me as I lived here for 4 years not too long ago. Our Summits are always a blast and we, the Master Instructors, love getting together to learn, laugh, and sweat. Each summit has a workout that involves some sort of local cultural element, (when we were in Thailand, we took a hardcore 90 minute Muay Thai class at Tiger Muay Thai in the middle of the jungle) so in San Diego, we were led through a two hour SEAL Team training experience.  Since the creator of the company was a Navy SEAL, he thought it’d be great to enlist a couple of his old SEAL buddies to take us through a log training workout. Yeah… great.

 I almost died. 
And this experience solidified 
why I will never join any military branch ever …
But it was sort of fun… in a 
“fun to talk about now that it’s OVER and I didn’t die” 
kind of way.  
Here are some photos.

First command: go dive in the water, then cover yourself completely in sand. 
You have 30 seconds. 

Here are some 300+ lb logs… pick ’em up, press ’em up, squat with ’em. 
(this went on for about an hour or so) 

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Opening Day at Del Mar!

Where the surf meets the turf, 
down in old Del Mar
Take a plane, take a train, take a car. 
There’s a smile on every face 
and a winner in each race, 
where the surf meets turf at Del Mar! 
-Bing Crosby. 
The man could do no wrong, am I right?
Today is Opening Day at the Del Mar racetrack in San Diego and it’s a HUGE deal. (I mean, not bigger than the Kentucky Derby, but that’s ok.) I used to go every year that I lived there. My friend Brian, (who you’ll remember from here) and I used to board the double decker bus from his place in Solana Beach, ride over with our “beverages”, present our Diamond Club card and get into the races for a few bucks. I actually used to win money too… which I can’t quite say for this season at Churchill Downs. 
 “The Look Away”
With the horses, the people watching, the margaritas, and the winning tickets, 
it was the best way to spend a day. 
In San Diego, the racing circuit is only there for 8 weeks, 
so you’ve got to cram in as many trips as possible because it’s gone before you know it. 
And that’s what we did… 

I miss living in San Diego every now and then,
 but I REALLY miss it today. 
I’m bummed that my trip a week ago didn’t coincide 
with Opening Day. Oh well. 
So good luck, San Diego friends. 
I’ll be thinking of you! 

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Why I love Ted and Ann…

…well there are a million reasons why I love them, but I’ll start with just a few.

Note: Ted and Ann are former clients of mine in San Diego. They became friends of mine about 2 minutes after I started teaching them.

They’re the cutest couple ever,
…been married for decades,
…finish each other’s sentences,
They love dogs.
This is Peluche. (pronounced pah-loo-chay)
And even when I call him Patchouli,
they don’t correct me.
Ann might be the best cooker in the world.
She’s always making something.
Hence the ‘best cooker’ title.
We eat here:
When I visit, I sleep with this view:
Ann’s so meticulous.
She even types out the directions to work the t.v.
They have the greatest shower in the world.
My shower time increases drastically when I visit.
…just doing my part to help conserve water… riiiight.
And of the best things I’ve heard recently: Ted thought that my boyfriend post on Matthew McConaughey was real. Ann had to tell him who Matthew McConaughey was… priceless. : ) And since they read my blog frequently, they’ll be checking this out…
I miss you guys already and love you a ton!
Be back soon…
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Downtown San Diego…

The view from my room the first 4 days of my trip:
Doesn’t suck, huh?
Thanks, Julie for letting me stay with you!
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Troy and Sarah…

Yesterday I got to see these two get married:

These are their engagement shots by the amazing ladies (and friends of mine) at Joielala Photographie. If you need photogs for anything, hire them. Trust.
And since I left my camera cord at home, you won’t be able to see my photos of the actual wedding until next week… sooooo hold tight!
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San Diego!

If you’re new to my blog, it’s important that you know how much I LOVE San Diego, CA. I moved there alone, a week after I graduated college, with my car loaded to the brim and $800 to my name. In the 4 years that I lived there I began my career in fitness, made some amazing friends, and learned so much about myself. I moved back home a year ago, but still miss and love SD so much. That’s why I’m thrilled that the BlogHer conference is being hosted in SD this weekend… along with a wedding of two of my favorite people. The IDEA Fitness Conference is in LA next weekend too so I’ll be in SoCal for 10 days! Yesssssss.

I plan on doing the following:
~Laying my ass on the beach (duh).
~Hitting up In-N-Out Burger and Longboard’s in PB for Taco Tuesday next week.
~Hiking Torrey Pines.
~Watching/betting on the horse races at Del Mar.
~Taking classes at Pacific Athletic Club, The Gym in Del Mar, and of course Barry’s Bootcamp (a few places I used to work).
~And finally, I plan on seeing all my friends that I’ve missed so much over the past year.
San Diego, I’m on my way!
no, literally on my way. I’m sitting in Chicago waiting for my flight… c’mon, bitches! : )
photo via
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Travel Thoughts – SD

  • Two days wasn’t enough in LA but glad we’re headed to San Diego for a couple!
  • Really wish I hadn’t left my underwear and sandal in the rental car seat.
  • My bag fell over with a change of clothes in it, I wasn’t getting wild. Calm it down, people.
  • We scored the most PERFECT weather! 76 and Sunny.
  • Guys wanna surf? That’s OK. I’ll lay here and tan. Yesss.
  • Manhattan pizza in Encinitas, Las Olas margaritas in Cardiff. This girl’s gotta go for a run.
  • Text from the sister in law: “We found your underwear, they’re in dad’s car.” Perfect.
  • Get your heads out of the gutter. Conrad picked me up from the rental place in his dad’s car.
  • Not having a rental car here kinda sucks.
  • Yay Danielle, Brenna, Troy, Sarah, Joe afternoon!
  • Ted and Ann are the ish. I love their place in Del Mar. Love their friendship. Love Ann’s cooking.
  • My new goal in life is to have a shower with the multiple shower heads.
  • Will need to work harder to afford that water bill. 3 hour showers might not work…
  • Lunch with Julie. I miss training her three days a week : (
  • Wedding dress shopping with Sarah!!!! Brings back memories…
  • All the gang together again for Rock Bottom Brewery dinner. Miss this.
  • Ireland trip planning with Brent, Lynn, Colleen, and Andy.
  • We’re cracking up just searching for flights. The other passengers on this flight will HATE us.
  • Dingle.
  • Can’t wait til May for this trip!
  • What?! We have to go home already?! Quick run. In the sunshine and warmth.
  • Good bye, San Diego. We’ll see you in August for the wedding! Tear.
And just like that, I’m off to Newark and New York to teach a TRX course for 26 lovely trainers, assuming the snow doesn’t jack my flight plans tonight… I’ll be back on Sunday night, have a great weekend everybody! And if you’re my friend on Facebook, look for the photo album from this trip! Sorry if you’re not my facebook friend, that’s saved solely for people I’ve actually met and know.
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Going Coastal

Guess who’s headed over to the left coast for a little fun in the sun? That’s right. This girl and that guy. Can’t wait to actually need my sunglasses on again. I’m pretty pumped for the 50 degree temperature increase as well. We’ll see you tonight, LA. We’ll see you on Sunday, San Diego. Back in the ‘ville next Tuesday. Holla!

photo by Shelby from 927 and Joielala
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Coast to Coast… to Coast

So here’s my January:
13th-15th: Los Angeles, CA – For the In-Laws and the L.A. friends.

16th-18th: San Diego, CA – For the Friends and the SUN. Image via

21st-23rd: Newark, NJ – For the NYC friends, the Shore, and the TRX Trainers. Image via
28th-30th: New Orleans, LA – For the TRX Trainers and my own exploration… Image via

Am I near you? Wanna work out?
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