Pretending that I have actual blog content…

I’m presenting at a fitness conference in Chicago this weekend! 
So here’s some random ish: 
The best video I’ve ever seen this week. Thanks, Sarah for sending this my way!! 
The difference in females from when we’re 29 and 31:
(apparently we need to be striking while the iron’s hot
because after… well, it’s all downhill)

It’s been a busy couple days,
so naturally I send out photos to various people, twitter, facebook, etc. 
Apparently I’m unable to take a selfie without opening my mouth. 
Showing my mom I’m actually ironing: 
Setting up my session room for the Rip Trainer Course I’ll be teaching

Being alone in an elevator with a giant mirror: 
(whatever, you’d do it too)

Gooooooood Morning!

And clearly, all presenters need to practice protective sex…
these were on my stereo when I got to my session room this morning. 
At least I’m set now…

Fun fact: Just kidding on this last photo. Condoms are actually used as a cover
for our microphone packs! When you clip the mic pack on your pants/top 
it can get sweaty and short out. Slip a condom on, that doesn’t happen, and your mic keeps going strong!
Now you have some sweet fitness instructor facts : ) 

What random ish is happening in your world this fine Thursday night? 
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Last week was my JAM

I know. 
I haven’t been posting regularly. 
I’m sorry. 
Last week was great. I had my birthday, I worked, 
I traveled (shocker), 
got some great work offers to move me up 
in the industry, 
then I got to celebrate my birthday
(a week later). 
These things contributed to my great week. 
they were my jam: 
This candle from Crystal smells SO good. 
It’s been lit 24/7 ’round these parts. 
It’ll prob be gone within a week. 

I could listen to this Pandora station all day. And I kind of do… 
Brandi Carlile, Ingrid Michaelson, Ray LaMontagne, 
The Wailin’ Jennys, etc. 
So good. So chill. 
Watching Tang and Church run amok makes me smile. 
Every day. 

Lynn made me dinner in exchange for watching her baby last week while 
she and her hubs had a date night. A fair trade indeed.
 AND you should check out her recipes on her blog
She’s fab. 

After test-paddling kayaks and standup-paddleboards 
Friday night, with Tamara and Scott, 
we got Graeter’s Ice Cream. 
Oh yeah. 
I couldn’t finish mine… but I gave it my best shot. 
 Birthday celebration Saturday night at our fave downtown spot.
Outdoor seating, 15 friends, glow-in-the-dark Ping Pong, and fun lights. 
This is me, (a little D after a lot of Bourbon)with Sarah. 

Enjoying my Sunday with my new favorite book
and a reading partner…

Amanda just moved back to Louisville! 
We haven’t lived in the same city since high school. 
And her preggo belly is adorable. 

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Inner Strength!

There are a lot of bootcamps, in a lot of towns across the country. 
The one Sarah and I run here in Louisville is awesome… 
if I do say so myself. 
Sarah and I make a great team
and together we run
Some bootcamps are hard and stressful. 
But here, we work hard AND have fun. 
Our crew is so motivated, 
so hardworking, 
and so entertaining at 6am. ; ) 
It makes getting up a 5:00am completely worth it. 
There’s a real team here. 
Our very own Inner Strength family. 
Yes, it’s early. 
Yes, it’s hard. 
Yes, you get dirty and sweaty. 
Yes, you get sore. 
But you’re stronger
And you’re tougher.
And you are better

Sarah and I would like to extend
 a big thanks, hug, and ass slap high five 
to all our
 past, present and future bootcampers. 
We love you guys! 
If you’d like to be a part of our team, check us out and come get after it with us next week! 
If bootcamps scare the crap out of you, check out my bootcamp tips here. ; ) 
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My Weekend Home

Lay in Bed, 
catch up on Grey’s
…with a beer…
or two. 
Lay in bed, 
while tons of people ran the Derby 1/2 and Full marathon. 
Meet Sarah for breakfast. 
Make this video because we’re excited about upcoming bootcamps
and hanging out more:
Had rehearsal with Tamara.

Went to Churchill Downs

for Opening night. 
Got hailed on. 
Lost money. 
Went to Cherokee Triangle Art Fair
Got super inspired by this 11 year old (I’m guessing)
playing the mandolin, 
all alone, 
for tips. 
He’s a badass. 
Showed dance piece… with a janky shoulder… looked janky.

Dinner night with the fam!

What a great weekend home.
I could get used to this.
Probably not. 

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Road Trip Dance Party

Yay for road trips to Nashville, bachelorette party energy, and good friends like Sarah. 
And YAY for Florence and the Machine: 
The last 30 seconds of video is the best. 
But, please forgive our voices… 
We were squealing at the very end
 because we were getting honked at 
by truck drivers…. Yesssss.
But wait… there’s more! 
The next morning on our way to brunch: 
You’re welcome… 
Off to Miami! 
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Instagram makes everything look cooler

I swear, I almost wish that I hadn’t dropped those few hundred bucks on my camara because I hardly ever use it anymore.Yay for the iPhone app, Instagram. I’m sure we’ll all be over it in a few months, but until then…

Me and Sarah (friend/boss)

Flowers she got me for my birthday

Cash curled up with my legs in bed, passed the F out

My bedside table/trunk

And the ever-handsome Tango

Good ones, huh? And I think that app’s $.99? Maybe it’s $1.99. Money well spent if you ask me. These are taken with the Lord Kelvin filter. Happy Tuesday, guys! Hope you’re being productive with your time today and not playing with your phones… ; )

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Leaves Are Fun

So Sarah (the owner of Inner Strength) and I always seem to find a way to get into something ridiculous when we get together. This day, we were just letting Tango and Dasher (his GF/BFF) play. This is what it turned into:

Just rakin’ some leaves…

“Patrick! Come take our picture!”

“wouldn’t it be fun to jump in?”

This is Dasher, having a good time:

And I think this is my new, all-time favorite photo of the Tang:

We have a good time with our dogs.
Lesson of the day: Make sure you remember to relax every now and then, act like a kid, and have some FUN! Taking yourself too seriously is bad for your health ; )
Side note: make sure your pile of leaves is bigger than ours. We both hit the ground HARD. Guess you need more leaves when you’re not 3 ft. tall or 50 lbs. anymore…
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