Pretending that I have actual blog content…

I’m presenting at a fitness conference in Chicago this weekend! 
So here’s some random ish: 
The best video I’ve ever seen this week. Thanks, Sarah for sending this my way!! 
The difference in females from when we’re 29 and 31:
(apparently we need to be striking while the iron’s hot
because after… well, it’s all downhill)

It’s been a busy couple days,
so naturally I send out photos to various people, twitter, facebook, etc. 
Apparently I’m unable to take a selfie without opening my mouth. 
Showing my mom I’m actually ironing: 
Setting up my session room for the Rip Trainer Course I’ll be teaching

Being alone in an elevator with a giant mirror: 
(whatever, you’d do it too)

Gooooooood Morning!

And clearly, all presenters need to practice protective sex…
these were on my stereo when I got to my session room this morning. 
At least I’m set now…

Fun fact: Just kidding on this last photo. Condoms are actually used as a cover
for our microphone packs! When you clip the mic pack on your pants/top 
it can get sweaty and short out. Slip a condom on, that doesn’t happen, and your mic keeps going strong!
Now you have some sweet fitness instructor facts : ) 

What random ish is happening in your world this fine Thursday night? 
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