Canada: Ski Trip!

My man-friend and I try to make it a point to see each other once a month… Long distance relationship, ya know? Since he’s lucky enough to live near some amazing skiing, and since my Sipinski* buds and I try to plan a ski trip every year, we decided this year’s destination would be Canada. Two birds. One stone. We had a blast skiing, they got to view some sweet Canadian scenery, and we all got to watch the start of the Winter Olympics.  Here are some photos:

Left to Right:
Abby, Uncle Doug, Mariah, Eric, Me, Man-Friend, and T & R
(Side note: my Man-Friend has 2 awesome little boys).  [Read more…]

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Grown Up Snow Day!

We rarely get snow here in Louisville. It’ll snow a couple times a year, yes, but hardly ever accumulates to anything. Yesterday we received a few inches in a matter of hours! The kids got out of school for a snow day (and even though I’m not in school anymore, it’s still exciting when school gets cancelled) and we decided to hit up the park/golf course near our house if it kept accumulating. We wanted to wait until the evening so we’d have the max amount of snow to work with. We sent out a mass text to our buds, ordered a couple pizzas and waited to see who was up for joining us…

That turned out to be EVERYBODY. 
Well, not everybody, but about 12 of our buds. 
So we had to take some pre-sledding photos… naturally. 

My friend, Mhyria grew up in Florida, had never experienced a snow day, 
and has NEVER been sledding. Girlfriend doesn’t even own cold-weather clothes. 
She and I went first. 

 She loved it. 
We had the BEST night! 
Me getting ready to push Stephen, Tamara, and Leigh

Phil getting ready to push Stacey and Amador

Stacey photobombing Me, Stephen, and Mhyria

The whole crew
It was an awesome, last-minute gathering. 
This was definitely one of those nights I’ll remember forever. 
Hope everybody got to have some fun in the snow this weekend! 
*Thanks to Tamara, Stacey, Abby, and Mhyria for their photos! 
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Quickie Workout: Vacay Style

When we went up to Harbor Springs for vacay last weekend, I took a few of my TRX Suspension Trainers so that we could work out (if we felt like it). After laying around for hours, you feel compelled to move after a little while… at least I do.

We didn’t want to spend a ton of time with a workout
 (there was more lying around to be done and bourbon slush to be consumed) 
so Stacey and I did a quickie workout… 

…and now I’m sharing it with you. 
Because I’m nice like that.

Warm Up Walk (and chat):
Get the body ready for movement and catch up on gossip current world events.
Quickie Cardio: 
Light jog into “downtown” and back. 3 miles total. Booyah. 
Quickie Strength Exercises*:
Walking Lunges
TRX Low Rows
TRX Pikes
First set: 30 reps of each exercise
Second set: 20 reps of each
Third set: 10 reps of each
The run took us about 30 minutes, the strength part took about 15, 
and then we were on our way to the showers, then the boat dock. 
*Was it planar balanced? No
Is that easily fixed? Yes. 
1. Change lunges to Crossing Balance Lunges.
2. Do alternating low, mid, high rows. 
3. Change the pike to the TRX Oblique crunch. 
Check out the TRX Youtube Page
 for videos of the exercises
 if you don’t already know them. 
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2nd Annual Sipinski Memorial Day Weekend

Sorry I’ve been MIA… 
I’m not sorry. 
I had a DAMN great weekend and 
I don’t think anybody suffered too badly 
from me not posting for a few days. 
Remember this trip last year? 
Well it’s Mariah and Eric’s one year anniversary. 
So we all went back to celebrate. 
With them. 
’cause that’s the kind of friends we are. 
We stayed here: 

I did a lot of sleeping/reading here:

Drank/ate a lot of this:
Bourbon Slush

And did a lot of this:

Back and fully re-charged,
I’m ready for crazy work week.
Bring it. 

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A and A Wedding Photobooth

So photo booths, sans booths, are my new favorite thing at weddings. 
We took advantage of the no-limit photo taking… 
The Happy Couple, 
Adam and Andrea
the bride’s AWESOME uncle
crashing the kissing photo
dancer girls, 
me and Jenn
fun times, 
and the new guy in my life, 
Dance Partner Extraordinaire, Jos

so many more, but these are my faves…
thanks for the images,! 
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A and A Wedding Flash Mob

My awesome friends, Adam and Andrea, got married last night. 
Our groups of friends got together and I choreographed a surprise Flash Mob for the reception. 
Photos will come later, but here’s one of the videos. 
Note the following: 
* our skills, 
* my dress that comes very close to providing new meaning for the term, “flash” mob, 
* and the adorable kiddos that are damn near showing us up. 
It was a great night though!

Congrats to A and A!

Happy Sunday and I hope none of your are doing your taxes at the last minute
… like I am. 
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