My Big, Fat Canadian Holiday

My man-friend is a Canuck and lives in Alberta, Canada. (That’s the province north of Montana for all those that had no clue where Alberta was and that it was actually a province. I’ll admit that I didn’t really pay much attention to Canadian geography until we started dating… It’s sad, but true.) I’ve been up to visit a few times now, but this particular trip was the most “Canadian” of them all. Here’s what we did:

Monday: Skate Skiing

OK, so cross-country skiing is very linear. Skate skiing is very ridiculous. When you see people do it, it looks really easy. Rhythmic. Fluid. It’s kind of like ice skating (gliding side to side with your feet) while pushing yourself with poles in your hands. Skate skiing on a level area is one thing. Skate skiing uphill is impossible… for beginners anyway. We did this for a while, then I was ready to be done. Skate skiing will be way more fun when I can actually do it and travel forward, not just flail around trying to remain upright.

Me coming back downhill… thankfully.

Tuesday: Cruising Banff and Climbing – things I’m considerably better at…

OK, the climbing is not so Canadian, but this climbing gym with 5.14 routes
speaks to the level of climbers and athletes in this area. #damngina
*somebody that can climb 5.14 is somebody that basically climb the wall in the room you’re sitting in. it’s no joke.

Wednesday: Skiing and Hockey

I watched. They played.

Thursday: Ice Skating Lesson

Note the hockey pants I’m sporting…
So HUGE, but so padded. They were glorious.

Friday: More ice skating

Don’t act like you’re not impressed.

Saturday: More skiing.

Words like “toque” and “balaclava” are normal… and necessary.
Sunday: Back to the airport. In this weather:
That’s really effing cold -22 degrees Fahrenheit.

Any Canadians reading this blog?
You impress me.

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