Getting Better by Sleeping Better – There’s an app for that

It’s no secret that getting good sleep on a consistent basis is imperative to maintaining your health and a strong, well-functioning body. But do we get enough sleep? And of that, how much of it is quality sleep?

When you sleep, your body rests and repairs itself. You replenish your energy stores,  repair any broken down muscle tissue (important for those training hard for sports performance and endurance races), and your hormones level out. When you’re consistently sleeping poorly, your body can actually decline in strength and start to break down. Your body can also produce more stress hormones which we all know we could do without. Like we need more stress on our bodies…

So many people strive to be “fit” and “healthy” but the most popular goals of those hitting the gyms are the following; decreasing body fat, increasing visable muscle tone, and increasing their performance. They wanna know about higher numbers on the weight stack, faster times, and lower numbers on the scales. And they’re willing to do a lot of work to get there… in the gym. But they miss out on a BIG chunk of their health: getting adequate sleep. And don’t even get me started on those peeps that keep pounding these energy shots with 6 times the normal amount of caffeine to “feel better”, “workout harder” and “have more energy”. GET MORE SLEEP! Better Sleep! But how do you know how well you’re sleeping?

I’ve got a great app that helps to track your sleep quality/quantity to give you a better understanding of your sleep patterns and therefore a better handle on your sleep quality.

In turn, you sleep better,
 you train better, 
you FEEL better. 
Sleep Cycle

I’ve actually had this app for a while now,
 but have just started using it consistently. And I dig it.
(You could say it’s my new jam)

First, you let it know what time you need to wake up: 

Then you lay it down on your bed, face down, next to your dome. 

While you snooze, it tracks your movement, 
how long you sleep, 
and when you’re in deep sleep zones. 
Then it wakes you up when you’re in your lightest zone
so you don’t feel like ass when you get up.
(Not feeling like ass is worth the $.99 this app costs)
It also has Sleep Notes
for you to track your day’s behavior 
that may influence how well (or how shitty) you sleep. 
This is my graph after I had two glasses of sweet tea the other night
at a Christmas dinner (blame it on the South).
Notice how I NEVER hit deep sleep. 
I tossed and turned all night long. #toomuchcaffeine
You state how you feel when you wake up:

And it charts it all out for you.
You can see how you’ve done over the past few nights/weeks.

Sorry, couldn’t rotate this one. Head tilt! 

Track your sleep for a week or so and see what you do to get better sleep
and also how much better you feel when you do sleep well.*

You never know, you may feel so good you’ll wanna
go bust out some yoga splits on a mountain top somewhere.


Or just not feel like ass.
Either way…

Try it out! Good luck : )

*Helpful hint: 
When you don’t have to be up until 5:30, but it wakes you up at 5… DON’T hit the snooze button because you’ve “got more time”.  ’cause you’ll go back into deep sleep. And then you’ll feel like ASS when it goes back off. Kinda defeats the purpose, ya know? (Speaking from experience on night 4 #Doh). 
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