Grown Up Snow Day!

We rarely get snow here in Louisville. It’ll snow a couple times a year, yes, but hardly ever accumulates to anything. Yesterday we received a few inches in a matter of hours! The kids got out of school for a snow day (and even though I’m not in school anymore, it’s still exciting when school gets cancelled) and we decided to hit up the park/golf course near our house if it kept accumulating. We wanted to wait until the evening so we’d have the max amount of snow to work with. We sent out a mass text to our buds, ordered a couple pizzas and waited to see who was up for joining us…

That turned out to be EVERYBODY. 
Well, not everybody, but about 12 of our buds. 
So we had to take some pre-sledding photos… naturally. 

My friend, Mhyria grew up in Florida, had never experienced a snow day, 
and has NEVER been sledding. Girlfriend doesn’t even own cold-weather clothes. 
She and I went first. 

 She loved it. 
We had the BEST night! 
Me getting ready to push Stephen, Tamara, and Leigh

Phil getting ready to push Stacey and Amador

Stacey photobombing Me, Stephen, and Mhyria

The whole crew
It was an awesome, last-minute gathering. 
This was definitely one of those nights I’ll remember forever. 
Hope everybody got to have some fun in the snow this weekend! 
*Thanks to Tamara, Stacey, Abby, and Mhyria for their photos! 
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Don’t Forget To Play!

Remember when you were a kid?
When your day wasn’t hectic. 
You didn’t have to work,
 pick up kids, make dinner, 
do homework, answer emails,
do laundry, etc. 
When’s the last time you went outside and played?
Make sure you take time each day to play… even if only for 15/20 minutes. 
Let loose, act like a kid! 
Kids only get about 15-30 minutes a day for recess when they’re young, but they still burst out of the school doors, run, jump, and scream for a little bit, then go back inside and focus. Do you ever wonder why you’re dead right after lunch and don’t know how you’re going to get through those last few hours at work? It’s because you haven’t had a chance to get some energy out! You SIT for hours and read/type/write. Your body is craving movement! Your mind needs a break! So find something fun to do, even if you don’t have that much time. 
It’ll help. 
At the Summit last weekend, we had 45 minutes before we all had to get ready for our group dinner. We could have laid around and watched tv (if we’d had tvs) but instead, a huge group of us ran to the hill, grabbed tubes, and hurled ourselves downhill OVER AND OVER again until we had to go inside to get ready. 
So don’t forget to hit the reset button and have some fun now and then… 
*photo by Leighann Novotny
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Snow day…

I received this photo from my husband last night on my way home from Cincinnati. (There was a blizzard during my TRX course so driving home was “fun”. And when I say “fun”, I mean “miserable”.) But this photo made it better. He wrote it in the snow while taking Tango out.

I also got sick this weekend so I’ve had to cancel all my clients today. This is “fun” too.
The actual fun in all this is that today is a snow day for all the school kids, AND my husband stayed home with me, made me breakfast and brought it to me in bed, and then watched Julie and Julia* with me. He’s the best. Makes being sick not so bad… and our morning date was fun. The real fun, not the fun in quotations.
This is also Conrad’s first snow day. (Poor thing has never had one since he grew up in SoCal.) He’s liking it so far…
*SUCH a good movie. I wish I’d read the book.
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