Snow Dogs at Farmington

We have an awesome old plantation home/land near our place. It’s the neighborhood spot to take your dogs to run around. There’s a ton of room, a pretty view, and you get to watch your dogs run mach 10, happy as can be. We are here at least 3 or 4 days a week and Tango and Churchill LOVE it. 
Exhibit A: 

They run like maniacs when they first get there, then 
Tango takes off alone to pee on every bush, tree and post that he can find, 
claiming all as his own. He’s a bit of an alpha… 
But while he’s doing that, Churchill sits. 
And waits. 
Until it’s time to strike!!! 

It’s hilarious. 
Fun is had by all. 
At least for about 15 minutes until we’re close to frostbite and have to head back home…
We’re ready for warmer temps are here. 
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