Pinterest. Damnit.

So I saw some stuff on my friend’s facebook link that I was interested in. It happened to be something from one of her Pinterest Boards… then I wanted to remember it and maybe try it one day, so I bookmarked it. Then I saw like 25 other things that looked cool, then I noticed a couple of our mutual friends had boards too that looked cool, and the next thing I know I’m f*cking signing up for Pinterest. Damnit!!

My friend Missy informed me of Pinterest back in 2010, when it was just getting rolling, but I protested immediately: I’ve already got Facebook. And a Fitness Facebook Page. And Twitter. And a blog. And a website **. And G+. And LinkedIn (which is getting creepier by the day, so I’ll probably drop it soon). Do I REALLY need another site?! Another account? Another password to remember? Not to mention the fact that I’m not crafty! Not even a little bit. But every now and then I get the itch to try a new recipe or start a DIY project. So I joined. Damnit.

And now I have a couple boards. So if you guys are on Pinterest and you have anything to contribute to my boards, let me know. Here are my starter boards:

Now I’m just trying to find a way NOT to let this interfere with my productivity. 

Who else is on Pinterest? 
Dumb question. I’m sure you’re ALL there and have been for two years already. 

**note all the shameless self-promotion

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Local Love – New 2 Lou

Are you New to Lou (isville)?

Being new to a city can suck. Or it can be wonderful. It’s all in how you look at things. I love moving to new cities. Getting to start over and make new friends is very exciting to me but it can take a while to make some new friends/acquaintances and to find all the cool stuff to do in a new place.

My new friends, Stacey and Amador, thought the exact same thing when they relocated to Louisville a couple years ago, so they decided to start New 2 Lou. This new social networking group meets on the 2nd Wednesday of every month. They choose a different venue every time and invite Louisville newcomers as well as locals.

Here’s a short bit from their Facebook fan page:
“What do we do? Socialize, meet new people, ask advice for places to eat, get your hair cut, live, park, etc. Where do I get breakfast at 4 in the morning? What about my haircut? Are there any drink specials on Wednesdays? Any free local music? Heard of City Scoot? What about the PARC card?
Not New2Lou? That’s OK, you’re invited too! After all we need insider information from you!”
Conrad (the hubs) and I went last month and had a ton of fun. We met some cool people, found a great new tea cafe, Hillbilly Tea, and made some new friends we’ve hung out with a few times since. Their next social is tonight at Bodega on Market Street, downtown! I’ll head down for a bit and hope to meet some new, cool peeps!

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