3 Healthy Winter Soups

3 Healthy Winter Soups

I don’t know about you guys, but once the weather turns colder, I’m pretty much only making soups, chowders, and stews for the duration of winter. I love being able to whip up something that’s going to make my house smell wonderful and give me leftovers for days! (I’m usually eating alone, or with my roomie, so each of these recipes lasts us two to three days after! The following 3 soups are on rotation in my kitchen because they’re so flavorful, easy to make, and super healthy too – packed with veggies, protein, and fiber! Feel free to sub/cut out any sections of the ingredient lists should you have food allergies or vegan/vegetarian preferences. Enjoy!

{Ina Garten’s Winter Minestrone}


474 Calories Per Serving, 19 g Fiber, 25 g Protein! (Use a lower sodium chicken stock and no salt!)

This soup has SO much flavor, it’s unreal. It’s packed full of veggies and is a hit with friends and family alike. Even the kiddos like this one, as you can pick some fun, small pasta to use: alphabet, stars, shells. Give yourself a couple hours to make it so you’re not rushed, but the time spent is well worth the outcome. This is one is my favorite to make if you’re looking to impress. ; )

{Fall Harvest Corn & Butternut Squash Chowder (Vegetarian!)}


214 Calories Per Serving (1/8 recipe), 3g Fiber, 6g Protein!

I LOVE this soup. You can sub cream for milk, saute your veggies in olive oil instead of butter, and add different veggies if you want! This soup is really quick to make and perfect for cold, winter afternoons and evenings! I make this almost every other week. Makes a HUGE batch – At least 8 servings!

{Curvy Carrot’s White Bean and Kale Soup}


183 Calories Per Serving (1/8 of recipe), 8 g Fiber, 10 g Protein!

Do you love kale? I love kale. This soup is fantastic and crazy easy to make. There aren’t very many ingredients to buy and it’s ready in no time at all. The cream is optional and using a little bit of basil or pesto can add even more awesome flavor!

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Recipe: Bean and Kale Soup

I’m a huge fan of soups, stews, or anything else where most of the work is chopping ish and throwing it in a pot. This soup is no exception. It’s very easy to make, super yummy, and a great healthy option that’s cheap! I think all the ingredients cost me about $15. My roomie and I will be eating on this for at least a couple days. All those things make this soup my jam. : ) No need to type out the whole recipe, so go here.
A couple things I did differently the 2nd time I made this:
*I used a combo of red/purple potatoes, just because Trader Joes sells them in that little combo bundle. And I like the color purple.

*Since the cream was optional, I opted out. One less thing to manage.

*Used 4 carrots and 4 stalks of celery, just to even up the broth to veggie ratio. It was a little skewed to the broth side the first time I made it.
*I left the broth/water/potatoes boil for a while longer before I added the veggies to it. The first time it took forever for the potatoes to cook through because I jacked it up.
*I also put the onions in the pan to cook alone for a few minutes before I added the other veggies, just to make sure they were nice and soft. This is just something I needed… I can’t stand onions so I needed them DONE before anything else. : )
My roomie snapped this photo as she walked in, wondering why the hell I was sporting shades on a cold, cloudy day.  I always wear eyewear when chopping/cooking onions. That ish hurts. (Ski goggles work really well if you have them!) She also wanted to know about the ear warmers, but I just hadn’t taken them off when I walked in the door earlier. They were keeping me warm and cozy. ; )
Happy Weekend, Guys!
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