Intriguing Blog Stats of Late

If you have a blog or any other website, I’m sure you’re constantly checking your analytics page to see how many views, interactions, and comments you’re receiving. I do this as well, but noticed I hardly ever look at the other stats: Audience, Traffic Sources, etc. I checked them out yesterday after a couple things caught my eye. Some funny things I’ve learned from it:

1. I’ve written over 560 posts so far. Crazy. 
2. Awesome to know that Buzzfeed used one of my posts for their “Life Hacks” list! 
It’s #2 here. Holla!
3. The top three countries that make up my audience are The US, Germany and France.
Welcome!  Willkommen! Bienvenue! 
4. And the best one yet: My blog has been found by keyword search phrases such as 
 “Flasher Mom” 
“Public Nose Picking” 
“13 Year Old Girl Bra” 
It’s nice to know I’m hitting my target audience.  

Have you checked your stats lately? What interesting/hilarious info have you found? 
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