Stretching with Animals Pt. 2

I have to stretch as soon as I finish working out, 
or it doesn’t get done. 
Stretching is hard when you’ve got two dogs in the house. 
You’re on THEIR level. 
Which means it’s time to play… (like last time
or snuggle… 
Tango, helping me with my adductors: 
And Churchill providing moral support for my piriformis: 
Look at those faces! 
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A Little Stretchy Stretch…

…on the Jetty Jet. 
Scoring a row all to myself on a plane is rare. 
This happened to me when I flew to San Diego on July 4th. 
Sitting in the same spot for hours is not lovely. 
It’s stiffening. 
The point of this post? 
If you fly on a holiday (4th of July in this instance)
you score lots of room on the plane,  
then you get to stretch whenever/however you want. 
Happy Monday! 
Make this week your bitch. ; )  
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Road-side Yoga

When road tripping, you usually have at least one looooong-ass day where you’re in the car just trying to charge it. Monday was that day for us. We did 12 hours! After a while your ass hurts, your back gets stiff, and you get a little achy all over. We pulled over somewhere in Nebraska for a quick yoga session to get loosened up. Jenn led us through a little yoga flow (’cause besides being the ish, she’s also yoga instructor) and then we did a couple stretches.

A little piriformis stretch
to stretch the hips: 
A little forward fold action for
hamstring/spine lengthening
(which you can do with straight or bent knees):
And just like that, 
we’re back on the road
and feeling refreshed
; ) 

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A Little Stretchy Stretch

on the beachy beach…
it was a rough weekend in the Bahamas.
; )
TRX isn’t only for strength training. It’s a great flexibility/mobility tool. It can assist you while you work through your own limits with range of motion. It’s been a while since I’ve gotten into the splits. Partly because I don’t use them anymore (what, you don’t bust out the splits daily?), partly because I just stopped stretching as much. Putting one foot in the foot cradles, that leg in the air, then slowly making my way backwards allowed me to work at my own pace and stay supported at the same time. After about a month… nailed it.
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Do It All: Plan Your Week

In my Do It All series, I talk about the benefits of moving your body in as many ways as possible. Doing the same thing all the time (hobby-wise or workout-wise) will burn you out and bore you physically and mentally. I try to to plan my week with different workouts/activities to mix it up and make things fun. That way I don’t have to be bummed about spending the typical hour in a gym every night. On my list this week?
Mountain Biking tonight…
I’ve just started learning
and on my third lesson so far
but I’m pretty sure I look like this:

Tuesday afternoon:
Jazz dance class at my friends’ studio.
Jumping is my favorite.
(That last line spoken like Buddy The Elf)

Wednesday morning:
Trainer jam session with friend/colleague Chris Mohr
using TRX, Rip Trainer, and sandbells

Hot Yoga
so I can get my stretch on…

I wish this a photo of me…

It’ll be a good week with a good mix of fun stuff. My body’ll get something new each day and will be stronger for it. It’s rough sometimes to get it all in, but scheduling these things in my planner ensures that I do it, and don’t plan anything else in that time slot. It works for me and I’m happier for it. Happy Monday guys, make it a good week!

photo 1 via photo 2 via photo 3 via photo 4 via
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Living with dogs…

Tango loves when I stretch. I’m down on his level and he always wants to be right in my grill. Now we live with another dog, Churchill (9 months old) and he’s pretty pumped about me stretching as well.
Note his face IN MY STOMACH.
Never a dull moment in this household…
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