Friday’s Letters… on Sunday.

Dear Blog Readers, I’m not dead… just had a non-blogging week. I’m back!

Dear Personal Training Clients, I’m glad most of you coordinated your vacay schedules with each other to all be out of town during the SAME week! I had a wonderfully mellow week just teaching a couple classes a day. I did miss you dearly, but was really pumped to lay out at the pool in the middle of the day Thursday with some buds. High five!

Dear Gigantor Turtle Float, you make pool days WAY more fun.

Dear Garage Bar, you are the BEST hangout spot in Louisville during the summer months. Seriously.

Dear Summer, I’m glad you made it around and that you’re here to stay for a while. It was awesome to be out on the river on the boat yesterday.

Dear T-beg, I’m stoked for you that you’re getting to cruise out of town for the whole summer to get your MFA on. Me, Tang, Churchill, Emmy, Cash, and Willie will hold down the fort here. And don’t worry, I’ll clean. : )

Dear Bonna, HAPPY 30th BIRTHDAY! Woot! And this photo from college will always be the best photo of the 3 of us… #BFFs

Dear Dad, Happy Father’s Day from all of us!

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Playist! Country Sunday

Somebody* thinks I need more country in my playlists… so, here ya go:

Happy Sunday, guys!
Hope you’re on a boat on the lake,
on a towel on the beach,
or on a raft in a pool…
or listen here.
A little fun to start , a little slow at the end. Holla.
*sorry the playlist isn’t playing at the moment… investigation is underway!*
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It’s a scorching 96 degrees here in the ‘ville.
Something else that’s smokin’ hot? My boyfriend, Matthew.
I mean, we were cruising in his truck the other day and it was almost unbearable…

We got in the water to cool off, but there were so many paparazzi around we just decided to go.

He’s got such a great attitude about it all though.
Just laughed it off…

He’s so silly.

Photo 1
Photo 2
Photo 3
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I heart you, Summer.

I LOVE summer. It’s by far my favorite season and I enjoy it even more this year because I’m home. I love the smell of freshly cut grass. I love walking to the ice cream/ fro-yo shops with friends. I love outdoor concerts. I even love the smell of bug spray… because it reminds me of summer. I love it ALL.

This weekend a bunch of us are getting together at a summer camp (that my friend runs, therefore he has access to all the good stuff, like cabins, zip lines, and paddle boats) to camp out, cook out, and play out! Seriously can’t wait for fireworks, smores, games, and food! I hope you guys all have a wonderful holiday weekend! I know I’m going to enjoy 3 days of sleeping past 5am!
Also, thanks so much for all the comments, emails, twitter and facebook messages regarding my split. I really appreciate all the support and kind words. I love you, blog friends. And in-person friends. I’m doing well.
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