TRX Summit 2012

So during our Summit weekends we start every morning out with a workout… 
The playing field: 
The action shot: 
We then stuff ourselves with tons of food for fuel. 
At the YMCA Snow Mountain Ranch, 
that requires you to walk across the way to the mess hall, 
in 3 degree weather. 
It’s pretty, but it’s COLD. 
At night we found a random place in Winter Park for dinner, 
where we were thoroughly entertained by this guy, 
who actually knew the song, Amie, 
which is my namesake and sang it for me!
And the swag bag with free gear never hurts either… 
A new TRX Force Tactical! 
more to come… happy Wednesday! 
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TRX Instructor Summit!

It’s time again for our annual TRX Instructor’s Summit. 
You know all these weekends where I travel to other cities and teach other trainers how to use TRX? Well, there are several of us (Course Instructors) floating around the country and once a year, we all get together to learn, bond, and have a sweet-ass good time. This was the photo from last year’s Summit in San Fran and our flag football game. 
This year’s Summit is being held in Colorado 
so that’s where I am now! 
I’ll be back on Tuesday with some fun photos from the weekend! 
Happy Friday, guys! 
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I’m not dead.

I’m just here.

At the TRX Global Instructors Summit.
In Phuket, Thailand.
On the complete opposite time zone (12 hrs difference here).
As in, it’s already the next day here.
As in, I’m in the future, bitches. ; )
I haven’t had time yet to upload any photos. Today’s schedule has us going from 7am – 10pm (hence the no time). But I have a couple free days on Friday and Saturday and you will be entertained, amazed, and enthralled at the posts coming your way… Or you’ll just have more ish to read in the a.m. when you get to work and are trying to avoid reading emails. Either way…
Get ready.
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