Goal: TRX Suspended Press

I have a dream! Well, that’s being a bit dramatic… it’s really just a goal. I want to be able to do 10 FULL TRX Suspended Presses. With my head nearly to the ground. I’m giving myself a month. Here’s what I can do now:

Not full range of motion, but I’m workin’ on it.
You gotta start somewhere… don’t hate!

I swear I’ll be able to move more than 3 inches later!

What’s your goal?
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Get some, USA.

Yeah for the USA Women’s soccer team making it to the final’s in the World Cup! They train with the TRX Suspension Trainer… just sayin’.
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TRX Crew!

TRX Course Instructor Training: San Fran
When we get together for these training weekends, we do a lot of working out. It’s a 3 day event and each morning starts with a workout. This is me and Hayley doing some kick-ass low rows. Putting your legs up makes it harder. We are bad-asses. It’s true. P.S. If you’re in the Las Vegas area, check out Hayley!
A photo of our whole crew this weekend. We are enjoying the new TRX Headquarters… especially the rooftop workout area.
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TRX… ’cause I’m flying today.

If you’re new to my blog… welcome! And you’ll be seeing a lot of stuff about the TRX, like yesterday’s post. I got a couple questions about it, so here’s a quick video of what it is! I also like to show this video because I’m in it. Along with Drew Brees. Me and Drew. It’s like I’m a huge deal. It’s like we’re buds… kind of. Actually not really at all.. but we both use the TRX Suspension Trainer and we’re both in the video.

Check it out here.
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Don’t hate me for not posting…

’cause I’m in San Francisco at TRX headquarters… training and becoming smarter every second. Everybody will benefit from my being here. Serious business.
Here’s a photo from this morning’s rooftop workout. Me and a few other awesome trainers:

I’ll be back in the K.Y. (state, not jelly) on Monday night… have a great weekend!

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Travel Thoughts – San Francisco

  • I love San Francisco. Especially when it’s 45 degrees warmer than the Ville.
  • the BART is SOOOO much better than most subways in big cities. It’s warm, the seats are big, and it’s rarely packed.
  • That could have something to do with the fact that I’m on it at either midnight or 6 a.m. each time… but that’s neither here nor there.
  • TRX. 3 days, 8 or 9 hours each each day, I’m going to be sore.
  • I’ll also be a better presenter/trainer/person come Monday.
  • Come Monday, it’ll be alright, come Monday, I’ll be holding you tight…
  • I frickin’ love these other instructors. We’ve got a good crew here. They’re all SO much better presenters than me.
  • Task: Present to all these other presenters that have WAY more experience than me? Sure, no pressure.
  • I wish I would have paid more attention in my public speaking class in college. Maybe this wouldn’t feel so daunting.
  • Todd Durkin is speaking at our dinner tonight. Yesssss.
  • Don’t know Todd Durkin? Well, he’s trained a lot of people, including the past two Super Bowl MVPs. He’s pretty awesome. And motivating.
  • My list of books to read has just increased by 5.
  • Yep, definitely sore.
  • Team building Flag Football? Sure!
  • I’ve never seen an entire football game in my life. Or been to one. This should be fun.
  • “Ami! BLITZ!!!”
  • “Nick, OK! What does that MEAN?!!!!!!”
  • I’ll just run back and forth and look busy. Thank you, Fitness Anywhere for bringing kegs.
  • Day 3. Exhausted. Time change is kickin’ my ass.
  • Final day presenting challenge: Speak for 10 minutes on your life passion. Go.
  • This is gonna get heavy.
  • Tears, group hugs, we are now closer. And we’ve all got issues.
  • Why the F did I book a 7am flight? The BART doesn’t even run until 6am. Super Shuttle it is… for $17. And a pick up time at 4:55 a.m. Awesome.
  • YAWN. Super Shuttle 20 minutes late. I could have slept 20 more minutes. grrr.
  • Valentine’s Day = Free ‘adult’ beverage on Southwest Airlines. Yes please.
  • Oh I remember why I made my flight so early… I’ll get to spend a few hours with Conrad tonight for once. Yessss. Happy V-Day, peeps.
  • Pilots, do a good job.
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TRX Meetup Workout!

Here are photos from the Meetup I did on Sunday! I teamed up with Stacey and Amador from New 2 Lou to give some local peeps a go on the TRX. Here’s what ensued:

Me explaining how it goes and cracking cheesy jokes along the way…
“This is the TRX Chest Press.”
“OK.” (I love Stacey’s face here!)
Go Shannon! Go Aaron! Go Vanessa!
Adam found these glasses. And showed off these guns. (See?! The TRX gives you guns.)
TRX Single Leg Squat!
TRX Suspended Crunch! (In motion)
TRX Bicep Curl!
TRX Pike!
Stacey rockin’ the Oblique Crunch
“You’ll feel it HERE.”
Fist bumps rule. And they’re manly. And they’re more sanitary then high fives, apparently.
Katie in the middle of her cardio round (split jumps with “mario brothers arms”) She’s pumped
You keep it up. I’ll just watch. And hang out.
Partner Stretching! Guys always feel awkward.
I never feel awkward.
Working out with your spouse is fun! Shannon and Michael killed it!
My sister-in-law came to my class! On her vacation. After a Girl’s Night Out. She RULES.
High Fives and More Sanitary Fist Bumps all around! Nice job everybody!
Special thanks to Amador Delatorre for the awesome photos!
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TRX Madness

So you can do ANY exercise with the TRX, but here are 5 that you might never think to do on it, but look CRAZY and really, really FUN. Think I’m gonna go for it today on my workout…

This is my buddy, Doug Balzarini (or Doug Balls, as I like to call him; ) ) He’s an amazing trainer that I know from San Diego. He’s also a fellow TRX Course Instructor. Check out his tweeting
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Get With The Movement

So the folks at Fitness Anywhere (The TRX peeps) are launching a new campaign called Get With The Movement. Check out the video below. It features the inventor of the TRX and CEO of the company, Randy Hetrick and what he wishes to achieve.

Have thoughts on what you want to achieve? Send ’em out to the universe. Then get to work. That usually helps.
Want your own TRX? Click here. Don’t know what do with it, but want to learn? Click here.
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So if you have trained with me at all (or just know me) you know that I love the TRX. If you’re wondering what it’s all about, watch this video. It sums everything up! And I have a cameo… well, me and Drew Brees. ; )

If you’d like a TRX of your own, please click on that yellow TRX banner on the left side of my page. It will take you to their site and they’ll know I sent you! (Forgive the video not fitting, figuring this stuff out…)

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