Friday’s Letters… on Sunday.

Dear Blog Readers, I’m not dead… just had a non-blogging week. I’m back!

Dear Personal Training Clients, I’m glad most of you coordinated your vacay schedules with each other to all be out of town during the SAME week! I had a wonderfully mellow week just teaching a couple classes a day. I did miss you dearly, but was really pumped to lay out at the pool in the middle of the day Thursday with some buds. High five!

Dear Gigantor Turtle Float, you make pool days WAY more fun.

Dear Garage Bar, you are the BEST hangout spot in Louisville during the summer months. Seriously.

Dear Summer, I’m glad you made it around and that you’re here to stay for a while. It was awesome to be out on the river on the boat yesterday.

Dear T-beg, I’m stoked for you that you’re getting to cruise out of town for the whole summer to get your MFA on. Me, Tang, Churchill, Emmy, Cash, and Willie will hold down the fort here. And don’t worry, I’ll clean. : )

Dear Bonna, HAPPY 30th BIRTHDAY! Woot! And this photo from college will always be the best photo of the 3 of us… #BFFs

Dear Dad, Happy Father’s Day from all of us!

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Hallway Dance Party

*Allow me to set the scene*
It’s Wednesday night.
Tamara is packing for a trip
and I just got home from doing hill sprints w/ Crystal
(hence me being a mess). 
I had One Direction in my head, as usual lately.
Since I’d been singing it, Tamara got it in her head. 
There was only one thing left to do at this point:
Turn it on 
and crank it up… 
(as much as you can on your computer)
…and then put my phone on record to catch the action. 
And a big shout-out to my girl,
I know she’s with me on this one! 
; ) 
Impromptu dance parties are a regular occurence in this household. 
We like fun music. We like to dance. The dogs like to join. 
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I confess

“I Confess” theme by Carissa:
Today I confess

that although I missed reading all your blogs last week, it felt great to have NO internet or cell service out in Red Rock Canyon. It’s nice to unplug every now and then and get a little break from your computer and cell phone…

that even though Tamara and I live together, we hardly ever get to actually hang out. My goal for the next 3 weeks that I don’t travel: hang with my peeps. This is us when we took the dogs to the park Saturday morning #roomiebonding

that I can’t get started working in the morning (after my clients are trained) until I light all the candles in the house and make some green tea… Then it’s nice and comfy and I can concentrate.

that I purposefully didn’t use sunscreen two of the days I was in Las Vegas… just to tan (only for an hour at the pool though!). I’m now a slightly dark shade of “pale”

that I get rocked when it comes to jet lag… the sleeping schedule isn’t so much what gets me, it’s the bathroom schedule. You wouldn’t think 3 hour time difference makes that much of a difference, but when you need to do your duty (pun intended) in the middle of the night… you’re bummed.

that I felt like an idiot this morning after I got a text from a colleague (that I’d asked about a missing check the night before)  telling me that my check would be cut when I got my invoice in to her! A month later I’m wondering where my payment is… In contractor world, invoice = check. Duh. #independentcontractorlife

that I completely forgot that it was my boyfriend Adam Levine’s birthday today and I was supposed to send his gift a few days ago! #doh

I apologized but he was just like, “don’t worry, girl!” 
I’ll just have to get it ready 
so that when he sends the jet for me later tonight
 I’ll be good to go… 
Hate when that happens.
; ) 
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Christmas Tree 2012: Part II

After the jankyness that was last year’s Christmas Tree Fiasco
we though we were doing good by getting our tree without too many hiccups. 
We got our $90 tree home, in the stand, and started to decorate. 
I was bummed about having to throw out my family’s artificial tree last year
but was glad I still had the old lights that we’d used for years: 

Until we plugged them in and realized only a few bulbs actually lit. 
Son of a BITCH. 

So off to Walgreens we went. 
(We were not in the mood for a full-on hardware store trip)
And everything was fine. 
: ) 

Every dancer has cheesy dance ornaments. 
Love them. 

And our cute “McMullen-Begley Christmas 2012” Joy ornament. 
Who knew Walgreens had so much Christmas gear? 

And here’s another fun fact about Christmas tree shopping. 
You pay by the foot. 
Even when the last foot is ONE RANDOM BRANCH. 
That effing janky long branch cost us an additional $12. 

So we’re letting it shine in all its glory: 

I think it looks like it’s fist pumping. 
Forgive the pajamas. 
And that face. 

Alas, we have a tree. And it’s beautiful. 
And it stays lit 24/7 ’round these parts. 

How about you? Is your tree up already? 
Any issues?


Just in case you want to see footage of how awkward cutting down your own tree can be,
Scotty D filmed it for you guys:


You’re welcome.

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Christmas Tree 2012: Lumberjack Edition

So Tamara and I tried to cut down our own tree last Christmas, 
but we got to the farm too late and it was already dark. 
So this year, we were determined (or at least I was)
to cut down our own Christmas Tree. 
So out we went.
I was picturing a saw like this: 
And our performance as intense as this: 
I’ve always been entranced by lumberjack competitions on ESPN
so that’s what I was envisioning… 
I never saw any of those guys use a saw like this: 

It’s ok though. 
We got this ish…

OK… Coat is off. 
Position changed. 
Half splits give you better leverage anyway: 

Getting there: 


Here’s a fun fact: 
At this particular farm it costs twice as much to cut down your own tree. 
Which makes total sense. 
Apparently, they ship in the trees, plant them, and then you cut them down. 
Pre-cut tree: $40
Our manually cut tree: $90
Decorated tree photos/story coming soon! 
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Local Love (Christmas Style) Light Up Louisville

It was a fun T-Day week with less work! 
Saw the new James Bond flick, Skyfall on Wednesday
Grubbed out on Thursday… 
Saw Lincoln on Friday (highly recommend it)… 
and ended that day with seeing the Christmas Tree presentation 
at Light Up Louisville downtown. 
Good times were had by all. 
And now that I can officially listen to Xmas music
It’s ON! 
Me, rommie’s sis – K Beg, and roomie. 
Sorry, ScottyD. The photo I took of the 4 of us was bad. : (
It’s fun when you actually get to hang out in the city you live in. 
: ) 
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And we danced…

One of my new year’s resolutions (I make several) was to get my ass back on a stage this year. I grew up dancing, but I hadn’t performed in 6 years. My roommate, Tamara is a co-founder of The Moving Collective, which is a collection of choreographers that get together, stage pieces, and hold performances twice a year. She’s been trying to get me to join for a while now and this year I decided was the time to get after it. 
It’s nearly impossible for me to commit to a dancer’s rehearsal schedule with my busy travel schedule, but she decided to set a piece for just the two of us and we were able to rehearse whenever we could fit it in. Tamara and I met and danced together at our performing arts high school, (yes, like Fame) and it’s been 11 years since we last shared a stage. 
Even though I was only able to be in this one piece,
 it felt so good to be on stage again 
AND even better to be sharing that stage with T. 
Here are some photos of us in her piece. 


New Year’s Resolution, check. 
New Facebook photo, check. 
Do you have a passion that you haven’t connected with in a while? 
It’s hard to get back in the habit, but once you do it’s feels like coming home. 
I recommend it. 
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Olympic Gymnastics In the Heezy

Tamara and I have been watching the Olympics each night
and are so inspired by it all: 
The athletes!  
Their accomplishments!
Their abilities! 
The commercials! 
Morgan Freenman’s voice! 
While watching the gymnastics we thought we’d try some of the moves. 
They don’t really look that hard.
we’re dancers. We’re fit! 
We got this ish… 

What I was going for:
Legs Over Your Head, Look at Your Crotch Handstand

Doing the kick thing they do to get to the corner of the mat:

Ready to lift off the ground and put my legs over my head!

And down I go…

“Shut up. It’s harder than it looks!”

This is me not breathing…
with every vein in my head popping out…
and not getting my legs over my head. 
Tamara’s turn. 
What she was going for: 
Wide Arm Handstand
with Churchill wanting in on the action too.
OK, seriously. Churchill. Please. 
OK, Church. We love you. 
But you’re done here. 
Banished to the side of the room! 
Prepping for real this time.
*Note Churchill in the background. Bummed. 

Getting ready to do the handstand! 
That ish is hard… 
Big finish anyway!!! 
*even when they fall, they still pose at the end.
Ok so maybe there’s a reason we’re not in the Olympics and they are… 
; ) 
I know this is a silly post, 
but in all seriousness… 
Congrats to all the athletes
in all the countries of the world. 
You’re truly inspiring. 
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Slack Line Dance Party

Ever been on a slack line? 
It’s pretty fun and helps you gain
balance, strength and control. 
I’ve sucked my friend, Crystal 
and my roomie, Tamara
into playing around with me. 
And after looking through some photos, 
was reminded of an old classic… 
Press play: 
Hip Hop Hooray [LP Version] by Naughty by Nature on Grooveshark





You get it… 
; ) 
I apologize for you having this song stuck in your head for the rest of the day…. kind of. 
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Hand Hug

So my roomie got this from one of her ballet students, 
who got it from her boyfriend, 
who got it from his little brother, who’s 10. 
Got that? 
Anyway, I think this is hilarious
and it’s my new favorite way to greet my buds. 
The Hand Hug
ha! the lady in the chair behind us has no idea what we’re doing, but she looks highly intrigued… 
Easy and sweet. 
Step 1. Put hands together. 
Step 2. Wrap your thumb around their hand*. 
Here’s a closer look:
So grab your roomie, 
your buddy, 
your significant other, 
or anybody else with a hand 
(that sounds weird) 
and hug it out… 
without having too much full contact. 
I’m lol’ing over here. 
*don’t stay there too long… that could be awko taco
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