How To Road Trip with Your Dog

How to Road Trip with Your dog

Road tripping is one of the best (and cheapest) ways to see the country. Going with your dog makes it even more fun. Road tripping with your dog can feel like a big undertaking, but with a little extra planning, it can be super smooth and ultra rewarding.

My dog Tango has been on multiple road trips with me in our 8+ years together. It’s hard to count how many times we’ve been back and forth across the U.S. and Canada over the years, including a 3 month road trip back in 2015.  I’ve learned a lot over the years and have since honed our routine.

Here’s how to get ready: [Read more…]

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Christmas Road Trip: California to Canada!

large-2photo via

Tango and I are off tomorrow! We’ll be leaving San Diego around noon and are hoping to get to my man-friend’s in Canada by late Christmas Eve. It’ll be two looooong days on the road, but we’re pumped! Twenty two hours of driving may seem absurd to you, but Tango and I love road trips. And by driving, it means I don’t have to leave Tango behind. Christmas together is worth it! Here’s why it’ll be all good: [Read more…]

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It’s Tango’s Birthday! And a Giveaway for YOUR dog!


Six years ago today, I brought Tango home with me. Although I have no idea when his actual birthday is (you can read his backstory here), I always use the Tuesday before Thanksgiving as the celebration day! In honor of his birthday, I wanted to share some gifts he received recently from Milk Bone and extend the same offer to you and your 4-legged best bud.

He’s always so cute when he gets packages. It’s like he knows the box in the mail is meant for him.

So glad I set up my iPad to capture his excitement…

You can get the same gifts!

[Read more…]

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Video: Ami and Tango – Road trip 2015


At the start of this year, my dog Tango and I decided to move back to San Diego after spending the last 5 years at home in Louisville, KY. We also decided that we would take 3 months to road trip the western United States and Canada. We took tons of footage of our journey. Here’s what I could fit into 4 minutes and 32 seconds. ; )

Music: “Dreams” by The Cranberries

If you would like to check out the rest of our photos, you can search #AmiandTangoRoadtrip2015 on Instagram


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Home is wherever I’m with you…

It’s hard being torn between 3 different places. I love Kentucky, Canada, and California so much and I wish all three places were closer together. All my favorite people are so scattered about… Thank goodness for Tango. We make a good team and I’m glad we’ve got this place to call home for now.

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These two…

I mean….

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Both boys are into Tango, but my man-friend’s youngest is SUPER into animals.

He’s head over heels for Tango and the feeling is mutual.

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Road Trip: Tango’s Car Sleeping Positions…

Tango was a little anxious when we left Kentucky 6 weeks ago. I’d been packing for a couple weeks, all our things had been shipped away, and then I was loading up the car. I’ve always packed his kennel and blanket for long trips so he can be as comfortable as possible, but he wasn’t having it. He sat up like this for the first two hours of our trip… and wouldn’t eat.


A little while later he started to chill out a bit…  [Read more…]

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Road Trip Part 1: Kentucky to California

Holy cow. The past month has been such a whirlwind and these last couple weeks even more so. Tango and I left Louisville two weeks ago, today. Here’s what the first part of this huge trip entailed:

First stop: St. Louis

My Aunt Nancy lives in St. Louis and although it’s only 4+ hours away from Louisville it made for the perfect first day stop. I was absolutely shattered when I drove away from Louisville. I had about 5 days in a row of less than 5 hours of sleep prepping to leave. I had to be up early to get my last class in with my bootcampers, run last-minute errands, and load the car to be out of town early enough to miss rush-hour traffic in St. Louis. The morning was just manic. About two hours into my drive I think the adrenaline finally wore off, my emotions were just there, and I had a big cry. It had been raining throughout the morning, but right after I had my cry, the clouds literally parted and it was blue sky all the way to Missouri. I got a quick nap in as soon as I arrived and then spent the evening with my Aunt hanging on her back patio with Thai food. I slept about 10 hours that night then the 3 of us did a short, morning run through the neighborhood before we hit the road.


Contents of my car: Tango’s Kennel (which takes up the most space), Yeti Cooler, two suitcases (the big one for shoes and outerwear for the cold places, the smaller one for the overnight stuff), my backpack, my workout gear, and my car emergency bag. See? Totes prepped for anything.



Second Stop: Western Oklahoma 

I wanted to camp a majority of this trip. First, to get to sleep outside. It’s therapeutic. Second, to save money. It’s gonna be a long two and a half months of very little income so I need to make my money last. I wanted this day to be my longest driving time but to still stay around only 8 hours, for both my sanity and my dog’s. We made it to Foss State Park in Oklahoma around 7:30 that night, pitched the tent and caught the best sunset with hardly anybody around. Although it was SUPER muddy (good thing I didn’t get Tango’s bath before we left) we did a bunch of running, jumping, and dancing around to get out some energy before bedtime.



Third Stop: Albuquerque

The great thing about being on East Coast Time and traveling west is that even with 10 hours of sleep, you can still wake up super early. We were wide awake at 6am so we packed it up and hit the road. We were in Albuquerque by 1:30 pm. After a quick stop at REI for a new tent (our old one had started leaking so we decided it was time to replace it) we set out to find mexican food and a nap. We decided to check out the National Petroglyph Monument park and arrived about 45 minutes before closing time. We decided (Tango and I have lots of discussions) to do the quick 2 mile loop to check out some petroglyphs. We would walk the trail on the way in and jog on the way out. We saw a few petroglyphs, pretended to see a few others, about died trying to jog in sand at that altitude, and called it a day.


According to the sign, there was a petroglyph of some sort of deer or other 4-legged animal “straight ahead and halfway up this hill.” We looked for a few minutes and decided to move on.


Fourth Stop: Sedona, Arizona.

This day’s drive was the best. It was pretty short, only about 5 hours or so, and absolutely beautiful. We camped at the Pine Flat campground in Coconino National Forest, where I’d made a reservation a week in advance. There’s a bigger campground called Cave Springs about a mile up the road, but the reserved spots were all taken when I went online. There were other sites that were first come, first served, but I decided not to chance it being full and reserved at Pine Flat. The entire place is gorgeous! We set up camp and had intended to do a hike but clouds moved in and it got a little chilly so we took a nap instead. When we got up we did a big drive around to check things out and then fell asleep around 7:30 that night. The night was a little cold so I got up at about 3 am to get some heat packs out of my car to stuff in my sleeping bag. The sky that night was SO amazing. Stars everywhere. Millions of them. I literally said, “wow” when I stood up out of my tent. Again, I slept about 11 hours that night, but woke up feeling like a million bucks. I thought about spending the day there wandering around, but I was really excited to get to San Diego so we left. I made a mental note though to do a weekend trip back there since it’s only about a 7 hour drive from SD.




Finally: San Diego! 

The first thing we did once we got in town was get an oil change… because responsibilities. My good friend Brenna was kind enough to let us crash at her place. We had an awesome evening catching up in her backyard and at dinner. I got to shower up and in the morning, we set out to get settled in SD: setting up an account at our old bank, getting a P.O. Box for the next couple months’ mail, and getting to chill at the DMV for a few hours getting my car registered… all the fun stuff. After teaching a few classes at Barry’s Bootcamp we got to set up camp at the San Elijo State Beach Campgrounds for a couple nights in Cardiff by the Sea.


First meal back: Fish tacos! It had to be done.




I had to leave the next day for a 6 day training with my TRX crew up in San Fran and just got back to move my stuff into storage. I’ve got to head out again tomorrow morning to teach a couple TRX courses a few states away. Things have been absolutely non-stop since I left, but I’m house sitting today and had some wifi so I wanted to show everybody what I’ve been up to. When I get back on Monday morning I’ll be work-free for a couple weeks so things will finally slow down. Hopefully I’ll be able to post more in a couple days! Holla!

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Sunshine. Sunroof. Sunglasses. We are in love with any word that begins with S-U-N today. It’s been a glorious day and I think the entire city is just glad that there hasn’t been any precipitation in the past 24 hrs and the clouds are nowhere in sight. Is it me or has this been the cloudiest winter in a while? It may just be that it’s that point in the season when we just can’t take any more cold…

 After a million weekends away, (and another trip coming up in 4 days) I’ve been enjoying this weekend at home immensely. I’ve been sick all week so not having to wake up by an alarm clock was EVERYTHING. I stayed in bed until 10am in this morning, much to Tango’s annoyance.


But I made up for it…

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

He spent the morning lying in the sun in the driveway while my roomie and I cleaned the house. We then went to our local park and walked the 2.5 mile loop (twice!) before cruising back. We stopped at Farmington on the way home so he could run amok offleash, which he did… through the mud. He chased the ball exactly 4 times (he will never fetch more than that) and then we came home, only to go back outside to the backyard. He slept next to me while I read my book and just when the wind picked up and my shorts got to be a little too chilly, we came back in. Not that that’s stopped him from soaking up a little bit more though.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

He’s just like his mother…

How did you spend your Sunday?

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My Life So Far With Tango… In Numbers

5: The number of years I’ve had Tango, today!


Less than 1: Day left to live before he was thankfully rescued from the kill shelter in L.A.

6-7: Tango’s estimated age.


3-5: Minutes spent with him before I knew he was going to be my dog.

2: States he has lived in with me (California & Kentucky)


12: The number of chocolate donuts he ate when he broke into a care package in my car while I was inside getting lunch on the road trip from California to Kentucky. Thank goodness it was crappy, fake chocolate. I was freaked out for two states.

3: The maximum number of times he will chase a ball outside. The 4th throw I always ended up retrieving myself so now I don’t even try.


10: The average number of seconds for him to fall asleep when he jumps into bed with me at night.

10.5: The commands that he knows: Sit, stay, come, down, rollover, stop, shake, back up, leave it, high five, and heel… the half one (5 years in and he still wants to be in front on walks)


4: Feet in his vertical jump.

35: Estimated mph he can run.

Tang and Church

194: The days that I’ve been out of town this year and have missed him desperately.

3/4: The fraction of the bed he takes up. I have no idea how he does it…


2,000,000: The approximate number of his hairs in my car, under my bed, on my clothes. ALL THE TIME.


50: The approximate number of trees, bushes, or posts that he stops to pee on during a walk

4: The number of times he actually pees (he’s not the best at rationing)

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset


The times I’m completely grateful that he’s mine, and I’m his, and we have each other. I’ve never experienced so much unconditional love. Ready for a run at a moment’s notice. Ready for a nap almost as soon as you lie down. Hardly ever leaving my side since I got him. I love you, Tango! Happy Anniversary!

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