Friday’s Letters

Friday’s Letters theme by Ashley S.


Dear TRX Bootcampers, I’m so stoked about finishing another session. Y’all are beasts!

Dear Susan and Justine, I’m glad there was so much team work involved in getting that bottle opened at the Wine Down last night. ; )

IMG_1233 2

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It’s National Dog Day! I love you, Tango!


In 2009 my boss, Joey, at Barry’s Bootcamp, brought a dog into the studio. Joey was always rescuing dogs from kill shelters in LA and bringing them into work so tons of people would see them and adopt them. They had been mostly smaller dogs, which I wasn’t looking for, but this day, it was medium sized, white dog, named Tango, with the best eyes you’d ever seen. Tango hung out behind the counter and while I was getting ready to teach my class, we kind of had a moment. He was super sweet and seemed to want to just be there with me. After I taught class, we hung for another 10 minutes or so and I called Joey to tell him I wanted this dog. A few days later, I picked Tango up to keep him for a few days for a trial run. My then-husband and I would keep him for 3 or 4 days, see if we could work it out, and then go from there. About 3 hours after I picked him up, I called Joey back to let him know we would take him. This dog belonged with me.

His first photo… well actually his second. He did the head tilt thing as soon as I snapped it so I had to snap another.


This November will mark 5 years of my life with Tang. We’ve lived in California. We’ve lived in Kentucky. We’ve road-tripped across the country, been coast to coast, been camping and climbing. We’ve been to the beach, the desert, the mountains, and everything in between. We’ve lived in 4 places together… And I couldn’t ask for a better buddy.






People always say dogs are a lot of work, but I don’t agree. Work is a lot of work. Dogs are easy. You feed them. You play with them. You let them out to pee. Not that hard… You have to work much harder at any other relationship you have, but not with dogs. Sure, getting him to walk next to me and be social with other dogs has been challenging. Making sure he’s taken care of when my roomie and I are out of town at the same time can be challenging… but in the grand scheme of things, having him has been the easiest thing in the world. I LOVE this dog. He’s sweet. He’s beautiful. He’s smart. He frustratingly independent, but I guess I relate to that side of him. He’s fast and agile and makes a great running/jumping partner. He’s an incredible snuggler. He puts me to bed every night. He’s ready at a moment’s notice to go anywhere. And everybody loves him.




photo 2






The Tang.


I love you, buddy. I’m so glad we’re in this thing together.

photo 20

photo 1



Happy Dog Day to everybody out there, and your furry friends, past or present. xoxo

*the last 4 photos taken by my awesome friend, Danielle M.

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Things That Are My Jam Right Now

If you’re following me on Instagram you’ll see that this theme is well in line with #100HappyDays. So apologies if you’re seeing some of these things twice. It’s all good stuff, though! : )

From my trip to Chicago last weekend:

1) A glass of wine and some really great blueberries after teaching all day.

photo 2

2) Hanging with my friend, Kelli and watching the first 4 episodes of Dawson’s Creek, because the whole series is now available on Netflix. We would have watched the whole thing if I hadn’t had to teach Education Courses all weekend. And it was just as glorious and cheesy as we remembered. But with some plot lines that we’d forgotten! i.e. Pacey’s affair with his teacher!


3) My awesome fitness buddy Aleah being in Chicago the SAME weekend as me!


From other events, traveling and home:

4) This awesome article about being honest when talking to your kids about their bodies and sex.

5) Having a great friend that lives on the same street. Monday night turned into an impromptu dinner/wine catch up night!


6) This is that friend, Cesar. He has the most amazing grilled corn on the cob recipe.

photo 4

7) Getting to wear my client, Mary’s work jacket while I was training her the other night.

Backstory: I had worked out and rushed to shower right before our session so I was burning up when I left my house. That gym is FREEZING if you’re not working out. About 5 minutes into our session I was c-c-cold! Thanks, Mary for letting me borrow your jacket! : )

photo 1

8) Discovering the bag of Trader Joe’s PB Pretzels lying next to the bag of baking chocolate chips in the cabinet… #holymatchmadeinheavenbatman #limitonehandful

photo 6

9) Getting to be with Tango while he made his modeling debut: lululemon Louisville Showroom’s “Dog Days of Summer” product notification. Forgive my pose. I know it’s not actually downward facing dog. When shooting with an animal, you gotta get into position and be ready when they are. He was ready all the sudden, then I wasn’t. Oh well. He still looks amazing!

Screen Shot 2014-07-31 at 1.09.13 PM

What’s your jam right now?!

Happy Friday, blog buds!

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A Yogi, A Dancer, & A Dog… in the Red River Gorge

Tango and I went camping and hiking with my girlfriend, Taylor in the Red River Gorge last weekend. It was the perfect, short getaway for the holiday. We just went for one night as we both had obligations over the other days, but we scored the most perfect weather, so it was well worth it.

The Red River Gorge is just under a two-hour drive from Louisville so it was nice to get the out-of-town, vacay feeling, without the grueling long drive that usually accompanies it. We camped at Miguel’s (because that’s what you do) and hiked all around. We had to steer clear of the Natural Bridge State Park area because all the trails in that section are anti-pets… <—DUMB.

When you go outdoors with a yogi and a dancer, you get LOTS of posed photos.

Hidden Arch


Slackline fun at the campground.



Tango loves road trips & camping (like his mom). He was STOKED… to say the least.



We had tons of great food, but these strawberries were the best. IMG_8737

Sights along the way:




There are a million cool trails to hike, but our favorite was the Double Arch.

Really cool underneath, perfect for photo ops.

 Really tiny in between the two arches, I don’t recommend trying to squeeze in there (like I did).

 You can even scramble up to the top ledge and cruise around up there!

6936173630_9cbc04a2a1_zview from the opposite side via

Here’s what it looks like underneath:


The space between the two arches was a little tight… but I made it happen.



And up on the very top level:



I can’t do handstands… or a scorpion… so I went halfsies.





Until next time…

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Friday’s Letters… on a Wednesday.

Friday’s Letters theme by Ashley.

Dear this weekend (and next), I don’t have to work. Get ready for me.


Dear Tango, you have no idea that we’re going camping with Taylor this weekend, but we are. And you’re going to be stoked!


Dear Taylor, our camping trip this weekend is my jam. I wish we had this sweet van to cruise in. We’ll have to figure out an equally awesome photo with my Mazda hatchback…in the woods…  ; )


Dear Girl in the Waiting Room with the German Sentence Tattooed on Your Boobs, now that you’re very, very pregnant and your boobs are even larger than they were when you got that tattoo (I’m assuming) your massive cleavage blocks out an entire word and I can’t read it. Your low-cut top suggests you want people to read it… think about that the next time you get a tattoo in that region.

large-1classier boob tat via

Dear 5cm Ovarian Cyst. I don’t have time for you and you’re seriously screwing up my active life. I need you to go away. Soon. As in… sooner than the 4 -6 week time frame the Dr. says it takes.

Dear The Internet, you don’t have to be SO forthcoming with all your info. I just went from reading that ovarian cysts go away on their own, to reading that they cause cancer, to reading that you might never be able to have children if they’re severe enough. That’s a bit aggressive. You should save some of those scarier articles for page 2 of the Google search results.


Dear Lululemon, your Coastal Tank is my new jam. So light and airy, SPF 50 (who knew your clothes could block UV rays?) I even wore it out to a fancy evening with just a strapless bra underneath. High five. Now please make more, because you’re sold out and I’d like one in another color.  : )


Dear The Book Of Mormon (the musical), you are coming to Louisville and I can’t wait to see you!!! I’ve been needing a good show to see and I’ve been wanting to see you for years now. PUMPED.

ny book of mormonvia

Dear Summer, I’m super glad you’re on the way. Can’t tell you how much I’ve enjoyed being barefoot most of the day and the perfect temperature for long evening walks with Tango and Churchill this week.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Love, Ami


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Things That Are My Jam Right Now

My BFF, Amanda.
This past year was the first in about 10 years that we’ve lived in the same city.
We get to hang on a weekly basis and it’s awesome.

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Snow Dogs at Farmington

We have an awesome old plantation home/land near our place. It’s the neighborhood spot to take your dogs to run around. There’s a ton of room, a pretty view, and you get to watch your dogs run mach 10, happy as can be. We are here at least 3 or 4 days a week and Tango and Churchill LOVE it. 
Exhibit A: 

They run like maniacs when they first get there, then 
Tango takes off alone to pee on every bush, tree and post that he can find, 
claiming all as his own. He’s a bit of an alpha… 
But while he’s doing that, Churchill sits. 
And waits. 
Until it’s time to strike!!! 

It’s hilarious. 
Fun is had by all. 
At least for about 15 minutes until we’re close to frostbite and have to head back home…
We’re ready for warmer temps are here. 
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Best Women’s Winter Boots. Ever.

I’m not in the snow often, but every time I’ve gone skiing, I’ve usually just taken along my rain boots to keep my feet dry in the snow between the car and cabin. After a a few ski trips I realized this was a stupid idea. My rain boots were ok for waterproofing, but cold as ice. They were also way wider than my leg, so if I was in deep snow the sides basically acted as a shovel, scooping snow into them with every step. So I set out for the perfect pair of winter boots! And never found them.

Everything I saw was either waterproof, warm, and ugly. 
Or cute, and waterproof, but not warm. 
Or everything that I wanted, but $500. 

Enter a winter sale at our local outdoor store, Quest
These Patagonia Lugano Boots 
were normally about $250 but I scored them for $90!!

 I originally wanted black, but they had exactly 3 pair of these in “Espresso”… and one of them was my size! It was fate! So I snatched them up faster than you could say “clearance,” and carried them far away from everyone to try them on. They were perfect. And cozy. And warm. Since purchasing these bad boys, I’ve taken them in the snow all over the country (and Canada).
They even made the weekend instagram recap collage… #whenyouknowitsright
 Even if they weren’t on sale, they would be worth every penny. My feet have never been cold or wet wearing them. They’ve been on ski trips, in snowball fights, sledding, and even just cruising through my ‘hood with Tango. The recycled rubber sole also helps prevent slipping on the ice. I should know since our sidewalks were one big ice sheet this weekend:

 They’re also cute enough to wear even if you don’t need the technical extras. 
I wore them to dinner and a concert with some leggings Saturday night! 

Top: Forever 21. Pants: Lululemon Wunder Unders. 

Added bonus: The compliments!! I get asked all the time where I got them. 
Which makes the purchase completely vindicated. 

Now I just need to find a pair of boot socks to go with them.
Any suggestions?

*Photography: Tamara.
 Models: Tango and Churchill
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Things That Are My Jam Right Now


He’s my jam. And I miss him when I travel. The only bad thing about having a mid-size or big dog is that you can’t fly with them. (At least not under your seat and I don’t have the heart to “check” him.) If I could, I’d take him with me on every trip. Being gone a week is hard enough. Having to stay away an extra couple days was harder. I’m glad to be back home with my dog!

The Tang



My dog. 
My buddy. 
My partner. 
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Things That Are My Jam Right Now

Canada mittens and beanie, from my man-friend. 

Or should I say mittens and “toque“… like the Canucks do? 
Or should I say mittens and “toboggan” like most Louisvillians do?
This new Kindle cover: 

This pretty hot chocolate:

With these girls:
(after bootcamp on a snow day!)

This amazing berry cobbler my buddy Mariah made yesterday: 

And as always, Tango!
(if you can spot him!) 

Happy Tuesday!
What’s your jam right now?

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