Things That Are My Jam

Happy Tuesday, e’erybody! It was sooo nice to have a few days off in San Diego last week. I was able to sleep in, see some SD friends of mine and their new baby (miss you, Kelly’s!!), and get to spend some glorious time in the sun with my man-friend. The following things were my jam in San Diego:

This Boat View
and the relaxation that happened there

This Apricot Jam

These Colors 
from our walk around Del Mar

And these ones too
I was going to include photos of my insanely delicious
Fish Tacos from En Fuego, but they disappeared too soon for photos.
moving on…

This Sunset
as well as the ones the days before and after

This Sangria

And these FRIENDS! 
Thanks for a fabulous stay, as usual, Ted and Ann. 
It was awesome to see you and
we miss you already! 
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Work Hard, Play Hard, DON’T cross your tips

This week I’m skiing at Mammoth Mountain, in California. 
I used to come here a couple times a year when I lived in San Diego, 
but it’s been about 3 years since I’ve visited. 
I’m here with Ted & Ann! 
They drove up, I flew over, my man-friend flew down. 
You could say that I’m in a great mood this week..
On the Gondola 

Aprés Ski
And trying to remember the basics, 
’cause this is like my 6th day ever on skis
But believe you me, I’m shreddin’ the gnar…
*photos taken before my man-friend got here… you’ll see him… eventually ; ) 
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Why I love Ted and Ann…

…well there are a million reasons why I love them, but I’ll start with just a few.

Note: Ted and Ann are former clients of mine in San Diego. They became friends of mine about 2 minutes after I started teaching them.

They’re the cutest couple ever,
…been married for decades,
…finish each other’s sentences,
They love dogs.
This is Peluche. (pronounced pah-loo-chay)
And even when I call him Patchouli,
they don’t correct me.
Ann might be the best cooker in the world.
She’s always making something.
Hence the ‘best cooker’ title.
We eat here:
When I visit, I sleep with this view:
Ann’s so meticulous.
She even types out the directions to work the t.v.
They have the greatest shower in the world.
My shower time increases drastically when I visit.
…just doing my part to help conserve water… riiiight.
And of the best things I’ve heard recently: Ted thought that my boyfriend post on Matthew McConaughey was real. Ann had to tell him who Matthew McConaughey was… priceless. : ) And since they read my blog frequently, they’ll be checking this out…
I miss you guys already and love you a ton!
Be back soon…
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Del Mar Workout

Just thinking about some buddies…

While I lived in San Diego I taught and trained for 14 different gyms/companies. Del Mar Workout was the one I was at the longest though. I’m so grateful to Melanie (my manager in the front row, on the far left) for hiring me. This photo is of my Thursday morning Pilates crew on my last day in SD. I miss them SO much. There are many people from this gym that aren’t in the photo (like my entire Gravity and Body Conditioning classes) that I miss a ton as well.

When you’re cruising around, from gym to gym, by yourself all day, your clients become your co-workers. Some even become your family. From Annie and Terri who came with me and my friends to try on wedding dresses, to Ted and Ann who invited me into their home for my first Thanksgiving in San Diego, alone, I love you guys and miss you!
Conrad and I will be visiting in December. We won’t get to see everybody we’d like, but we’ll do our damnedest!
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