Thailand, Part 3: {Krabi – Railay Beach}


Krabi is an amazing part of Thailand. It’s an hour flight south, from Bangkok. To get there, you can fly into Krabi, and then take a shuttle to the pier to catch a boat.

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Climbing in Krabi

It shouldn’t be a surprise that I went on a climbing trip while in Thailand and neglected to bring my climbing shoes… ’cause that’s how I roll. (I never remembered my dance costumes for competitions, I brought my cap to my graduation but not my gown, and forgot the video camera for my wedding… just to give you some perspective)

So guess who got to pay 500 Baht
to rent broken down climbing shoes
that a bunch of nasty people
have put their grody feet into.
But it was totally worth it.
The hike up to the Thaiwand Wall
Checking out the sweet climb we’re about to do
… and the kick-ass view
The only photo we took while climbing…
’cause you’re kinda busy with your hands
An insanely amazing trip that I’ll never forget
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Deep Water Soloing

Our last couple of days in Thailand were spent rock climbing in Krabi. I’ll post photos from the sport climbing later, but first is the good stuff: Deep Water Soloing. No gear, just you, the rocks, and the water. How it works:
You hire a dude with one of these long-tail boats

to drive you out to where the water’s really deep
and the rocks are sah-weet!

It’s pretty exciting.
We are pumped.
Then you climb up.
And jump down.
And here’s one of the videos…
Equal parts scary/fun.
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Happy Halloween!

So I know you guys all had your Halloween parties this weekend, and you took your kiddos (if you have them) trick-or-treating tonight… yay! But there’s not sense of the holiday here so it’s like I’m missing it all together. Anywho… guess what happened to me a couple days ago?
It all started out on our first day post-work.
A free day to relax and hang at the pool.

Then a little ocean time
like we’d been doing every day since…
then a little pain.
On my back.

Turns out… there were lots of these guys
chillin in the water that day.

Contrary to popular belief,
and to the disappointment of all my buds,
you don’t piss on a jellyfish sting
to make it ease up.
But the sap from these leaves help:

And a little visit from the hotel doc
who puts vinegar solution

So you get stung by a jellyfish,
then you get to smell like salad dressing.
It’s a good day all around.

Luckily though, it wasn’t as much pain as I thought it would be. And it was over in about 45 minutes. I think treating it quickly helped. And the fact that I wasn’t in Australia at the time… I hear their Jellyfish kill you dead if they sting you… That would put a damper on my vacay. Fo sho.

Happy Halloween!

: )

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Flying for 23 hours sucks.

But it’s totally worth it to come to Thailand. Unfortunately, I didn’t know that until I got here. My 14.5 hour flight from NYC wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, but it still wasn’t awesome. I then got to Tokyo and had a 7 hour flight from there to Bangkok. That one was better because I scored a row of 2 seats to myself. Yessss. Then the last flight to Phuket was a quick 1.5 hour jump. No biggie and by then, I was just excited to get here. Here are some photos I took with my phone:
If you follow me on twitter, you saw this post.
My plane had a 2nd floor.
This thing is huge.
And completely too big to stay in the air.
It’s just unnatural.

The view is kind of nice though…

We had 3 meals on this flight!
All pretty yummy.
Yay for free wine.

Good to know that in Tokyo,
you can always get your ish
sprayed off after you use the bathroom.

More to come…
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I’m not dead.

I’m just here.

At the TRX Global Instructors Summit.
In Phuket, Thailand.
On the complete opposite time zone (12 hrs difference here).
As in, it’s already the next day here.
As in, I’m in the future, bitches. ; )
I haven’t had time yet to upload any photos. Today’s schedule has us going from 7am – 10pm (hence the no time). But I have a couple free days on Friday and Saturday and you will be entertained, amazed, and enthralled at the posts coming your way… Or you’ll just have more ish to read in the a.m. when you get to work and are trying to avoid reading emails. Either way…
Get ready.
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