Tough Mudder – Nor Cal 2012

I just signed up for this with some other TRX Team Master Trainers…
Most people think since I’m a fitness professional that I must run a lot. I’m not a “runner”. I don’t compete in marathons/triathalons. I’m not knocking anybody that does them AT ALL. For me, I don’t see the point in paying money to wake up early, on a SATURDAY, to fight your way through thousands of people, and run a distance that you could run any old time if you just stepped out of your house and went for it (kinda like Forrest Gump). Plus, doing the same movement for hours at time with no variation makes me want to punch somebody… but that’s just me.
I AM, however, an obstacle course person!
Mud pits?!
12 ft. walls you have to scale?!
Jumping off things into water?!
Count me in.
This sounds way better than running in a straight line for 3 hours…
Any of you done a Tough Mudder before?
Any of you going to be at this one?
; )
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