Tutorial: Side Lunge with Oblique Bend

In response to the few of you who voted in my Watchu Want post I’ve decided my next exercise tutorial will be a combined lower body/ core exercise. What’s the #1 Excuse people have for not working out? Not enough time. So since lower body and core exercies were tied in votes (last time I checked) and it’s good for your body to do multiple movement exercises, I present you with: The Side Lunge with Oblique bend. We’re multi-tasking, people. It’s a good thing. Trust.

Step #1. Step out to the right side, bending the right leg, but keeping the stationary (left) leg still and straight. Shift your hips back like you would for a basic squat. Keep your chest up. Smirky face optional.
Step #2. Step back up so that the feet are together and your arms press the dumbbell overhead.
Step #3. Shift your hips to the left and take your arms over to the right. This fires the obliques on the left side.
Repeat for about 1 minute and then switch to the other side. When your left leg is leading, the weight (or just your arms) will go to the left.
Tips to Remember:
*Keep the stationary leg still and the knee straight.
*Sit back in your hips so that your bending knee doesn’t shoot too far forward (past your toe)
*Keep your back flat so you don’t look like the Hunchback of Notre Dame. Not that there’s anything wrong with looking like that, it’s just not physically your best bet, and won’t do you any favors.
In the photo, I’m using an 8lb. dumbbell. This is optional. If you have lower back issues, start without a weight, or a low weight. If you’re super strong, you can up it however you feel necessary. Do a couple sets on each side and see you feel the next day to calculate if you need more or less weight.
So you remember all that, let me know what you think, and then I’ll remember not to take photos of myself after working out. Can you say “sweaty mess?” Geez. Holla!
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Whatchu Want?

You peeps liked my plank tutorial I did a couple of weeks ago (or 5 of you did), so I’m going to do another exercise tutorial: show you how it’s done, where you should feel it, and how NOT to do it. I’ll let you choose the type of exercise though, ’cause I’m nice like that. : )

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