Work Hard, Play Hard, DON’T cross your tips

This week I’m skiing at Mammoth Mountain, in California. 
I used to come here a couple times a year when I lived in San Diego, 
but it’s been about 3 years since I’ve visited. 
I’m here with Ted & Ann! 
They drove up, I flew over, my man-friend flew down. 
You could say that I’m in a great mood this week..
On the Gondola 

Aprés Ski
And trying to remember the basics, 
’cause this is like my 6th day ever on skis
But believe you me, I’m shreddin’ the gnar…
*photos taken before my man-friend got here… you’ll see him… eventually ; ) 
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October-November Travel

South Carolina was SO pretty! I wish I’d had more time to spend wandering around, but I was pretty beat from waking up at 4am, flying, then teaching 8 hours of TRX. Hopefully next time I’ll get to stay a bit longer… and maybe Ashley will be there to show me around! : )
So I got my travel schedule for the next two months… this is all mostly work, but I’m really excited to make the most out of each of these trips:
South Carolina
(I know I already went, but it still counts. Hush.)

Northern, KY
New York City, NY
Bangkok, Phuket, and Krabi Thailand

Chicago, IL

Grand Bahama Island
for fun,
not work.
I think it’ll be a good couple of months…
Now if I can just remember to take some photos.
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