Lululemon Ambassador Summit Day 1

I have SO many photos to go through from the Lululemon Ambassador Summit I attended two weeks ago… so I’ve decided to break it down into parts. There were 110 of us from all over North America and the UK coming to the event. We were all traveling on the same day and trying to use the Facebook group page to see where everybody was coming from. The day of, we found out that about 20 of us were all connecting in Chicago to Vancouver.

Sweet gathering of Lulu peeps in the terminal! 
(Some peeps were off grabbing food before our 4 hour flight)

Once we got to Vancouver and through customs, off we went for a quick visit to Lulu headquarters and then onto the two huge tour buses that were taking us up to Whistler for the weekend. You should have seen the taxi line taking us all over to headquarters!

Bus time! 
 Now I know (or at least I’d heard) Vancouver has the same weather as Seattle and it rains a WHOLE lot, but the weather gods were definitely hookin’ us up with some sweet sunshine that week! Hello, scenery! There wasn’t a person on the bus who wasn’t crawling to the windows trying to catch the views on their iphone cameras. 
I was a little jealous of the climbers as we drove through Squamish…
We had to just enough time on the bus to try to locate our roomies (via our matching keychains and quotes) and get to know the fellow ambassadors. My girl, Aleah and I were practically caught up on each other’s life stories by the time the two-hour drive to Whistler was complete.
My roomie, Lara! 
 It was an awesome scene as we pulled up at the Four Seasons! An entire crew of Lulu staff was there dressed in sombreros and welcoming us with a cheering party. We were ecstatic to come into our rooms to find bottles of wine, fresh produce, and Lulu gear! 
Lululemon had rented out the ENTIRE Four Seasons hotel for our event that weekend and had basically taken over the place.  There were bits of Lulu everywhere you looked. I have no idea how long it took them to set up, but you could tell they put so much thought and effort into it. This was kind of setting the scene for how the week was going to go. 
A stool and hammock made from recycled yoga mats and straps! 

All the main rooms were transformed to make it feel like home
Reading area was the Library. Restaurant was the Kitchen
Meeting room was the Family Room, etc. 
Loved it! 

We had about an hour to get ready and head down to the “Kitchen” to have our Get To Know You Dinner and settle into the week. There were awesome introductions from the staff that had put everything together, as well as from the Lululemon CEO, Christine Day. It was great to hear some inspiring stories as well as hear about the now infamous “see-through” pants dilemma they had a couple months ago. It’s great to see though how they handle the rigors of a growing company while still trying to stick to the mission statement that they had from the very beginning. Inspiring to say the least…

We knew we were in for a pretty kickass couple of days! 

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Lulu Ambassador Summit 2013!

Whistler, here I come! 
As a Lululemon Ambassador for the Louisville store, 
I was beyond thrilled to receive an invitation to the 
Ambassador Summit in Vancouver, B.C. in Canada. 
I’d always heard about the infamous lulu summit
from other ambassadors I know in the fitness industry,
but now I get to GO! 
So I’m headed out to Vancouver (literally in the air right now)
to catch a bus with a bunch of other ambassadors (from all over the globe) 
up to Whistler! 

Extra fun: 
They sent us a cute note and really cute keychain! 
This keychain also doubles as our way to find our roomies for the weekend! 
There are about 100 of us going, so when we get there, 
we have find to the ambassador that has the matching keychain and quote. 

LOVE it. 
Can’t wait to tell you guys all about it when I’m back. 
Have a great week! : ) 
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