BFF Trip 2012: Where to go?

So, here’s the deal: Me and my two BFFs are planning a girls’ trip in April. It’ll be just the three of us, and will probably take place between a Thursday and Tuesday. We’ve been trying to plan a European trip for quite some time, but between Bonna’s work schedule (at a bank) and Amanda’s work schedule (for a Virginian school system) our time slots available are slim and consist of about 5 day spans. Notice how I just blamed them… When you work for yourself, like me, you can take off whenever you want! Muah ha ha ha ha
Since we decided against a four day Europe trip… we opted for Montreal, Quebec. However turns out, to cross the Canadian border you take the normal price of a place ticket ($300ish) and add 500 to that number. We couldn’t find tickets for less than $800 which is a bit much when you’ve only got a few days…
Then, we decided on Central America since it’s close, but still out of the country. BUT then we discovered that week is spring break then and every touristy city along a beach will now be packed with high schoolers drunk off of Smirnoff Ice and Boonesfarm. Not really how we envisioned our trip…
So now, we’ve had to change our game plan.
We’re trying to decide between these 3 fine cities.
All close, all interesting, and
all places we’ve never been:
Savannah, GA
Austin, TX

Charleston, SC

All three of these cities we’ve been dying to see,
should be fairly easy to get to (i.e. flights costing LESS than $800)
and all in the South.
Which, let’s face it, will be fab no matter what.
So I’m asking for help, ladies
(or gentlemen, if you’re reading).
Where should we go?
Vote now, please:
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Whatchu Want?

You peeps liked my plank tutorial I did a couple of weeks ago (or 5 of you did), so I’m going to do another exercise tutorial: show you how it’s done, where you should feel it, and how NOT to do it. I’ll let you choose the type of exercise though, ’cause I’m nice like that. : )

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