February Travel

All images via We Heart It.
Isn’t it weird that there’s an ‘r’ in the middle of February? I had a teacher in 6th grade that made sure not to leave it out. It sounded weird. Anyway, here’s my month ahead:

February 4-7: Snowshoe Mountain, WV for snowboarding. Image via

February 10-14: San Francisco – TRX Trainer’s Summit. Image via

February 17- 20: Arlington, VA / D.C. IDEA Personal Trainer Institute Conference. Image via

February 24-25: Richmond, VA to teach TRX. I want to go here. Image via

February 26-27: Closter, NJ to teach TRX again. In the same weekend. Image via

Kinda tired already… ; ) But excited as always! Will I be in your neck of the woods? Bring it on Feb-u-ary.
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