A and A Wedding Flash Mob

My awesome friends, Adam and Andrea, got married last night. 
Our groups of friends got together and I choreographed a surprise Flash Mob for the reception. 
Photos will come later, but here’s one of the videos. 
Note the following: 
* our skills, 
* my dress that comes very close to providing new meaning for the term, “flash” mob, 
* and the adorable kiddos that are damn near showing us up. 
It was a great night though!

Congrats to A and A!

Happy Sunday and I hope none of your are doing your taxes at the last minute
… like I am. 
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Wedding Weekend!

Today I’m headed up to Harbor Springs, MI with a bunch of friends to see my buds, Mariah and Eric get hitched! Going out of town… for fun. I remember this. Can’t wait for the reception… breakin’ it down on the dance floor is the best part of weddings. Watch out.

Congrats to Mariah and Eric!
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Wedding Party Boogie

I’ve known Lindsay forever. She got married to Timmy this weekend. This is what happens when dancers get married:

Choreography: Emily Hartman and Lindsey Stroupe (I can’t remember your married name, Linds!)
Video: Tiffany Cassell
It’s kinda dark, but kinda too wonderful to notice : )
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