A Fun Thing To Do On A Wedding Reception Dancefloor

Whew! Back in the states now, but still on the way home. I’m sitting in O’Hare and uploading all my photos from the Lulu Summit and found these gems on my camera from Bonna’s wedding last month. I need to do a full post with the other photos, but here’s a little something to hold you over until then:

Bonna and Nate got married!
And while they were making the rounds saying hello to guests, 
we were breaking it down on the dancefloor. 
I went to take a photo of our crew, but the flash didn’t happen. 
So when I was “fixing” it, I apparently turned on the automatic timer…
and set it to take 10 photos once the timer went off. 
The photos we took were hilarious, so then, of course, we had to keep doing it. 

And the final one: 
You’re welcome. 
Happy Friday, guys! 
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So between Bonna getting married last weekend
and tax prep ish this week… I haven’t been blogging. 
But there’s good stuff to come… 
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A and A Wedding Photobooth

So photo booths, sans booths, are my new favorite thing at weddings. 
We took advantage of the no-limit photo taking… 
The Happy Couple, 
Adam and Andrea
the bride’s AWESOME uncle
crashing the kissing photo
dancer girls, 
me and Jenn
fun times, 
and the new guy in my life, 
Dance Partner Extraordinaire, Jos

so many more, but these are my faves…
thanks for the images, Framester.com! 
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A and A Wedding Flash Mob

My awesome friends, Adam and Andrea, got married last night. 
Our groups of friends got together and I choreographed a surprise Flash Mob for the reception. 
Photos will come later, but here’s one of the videos. 
Note the following: 
* our skills, 
* my dress that comes very close to providing new meaning for the term, “flash” mob, 
* and the adorable kiddos that are damn near showing us up. 
It was a great night though!

Congrats to A and A!

Happy Sunday and I hope none of your are doing your taxes at the last minute
… like I am. 
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Troy and Sarah…

Yesterday I got to see these two get married:

These are their engagement shots by the amazing ladies (and friends of mine) at Joielala Photographie. If you need photogs for anything, hire them. Trust.
And since I left my camera cord at home, you won’t be able to see my photos of the actual wedding until next week… sooooo hold tight!
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3-Day Wedding Weekends are the ish…

Sorry I’m just now posting these. Got back late Monday night and this week has been cah-razy. But, better late than never!

By the way… Harbor Springs, MI is my new favorite place. Sooo beautiful! Congrats again, to Mariah and Eric!
Sipinski Family Reunion: Next year. Same time. Same place. ; )
And when photobucket stops acting cray-cray, the 3 HUGE photos will be back to normal size…
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