Sunshine. Sunroof. Sunglasses. We are in love with any word that begins with S-U-N today. It’s been a glorious day and I think the entire city is just glad that there hasn’t been any precipitation in the past 24 hrs and the clouds are nowhere in sight. Is it me or has this been the cloudiest winter in a while? It may just be that it’s that point in the season when we just can’t take any more cold…

 After a million weekends away, (and another trip coming up in 4 days) I’ve been enjoying this weekend at home immensely. I’ve been sick all week so not having to wake up by an alarm clock was EVERYTHING. I stayed in bed until 10am in this morning, much to Tango’s annoyance.


But I made up for it…

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He spent the morning lying in the sun in the driveway while my roomie and I cleaned the house. We then went to our local park and walked the 2.5 mile loop (twice!) before cruising back. We stopped at Farmington on the way home so he could run amok offleash, which he did… through the mud. He chased the ball exactly 4 times (he will never fetch more than that) and then we came home, only to go back outside to the backyard. He slept next to me while I read my book and just when the wind picked up and my shorts got to be a little too chilly, we came back in. Not that that’s stopped him from soaking up a little bit more though.

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He’s just like his mother…

How did you spend your Sunday?

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A Saturday afternoon post…

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetI was not doing yoga in the grass… this a photo by my friend, Danielle. I will find a reason to use all these photos until they run out. Top: Power Y Tank. Bottoms: In the Flow Crops.

After working and being out of town 9 weekends in a row, I’m loving being home for my 2nd weekend in a row. Last night I was able to meet some friends for drinks at my favorite spot, Garage Bar then catch the Zombie Walk while having dinner. This morning was awesome waking up (not by an alarm clock) after 9 hours of sleep. Tang and I got to walk two loops at the park, and my friend, Myhria and I got to do a workout and a trail run. I’ve been lying on the couch for nearly 4 hours now, making my way through the 8 episodes of Modern Family that are on the DVR. Because I’m still not used to the DVR, I keep forgetting that I can fast forward through the commercials. I’ve finally seen enough “If I Stay” previews and just bought the damn book for my Kindle. Those commercials… they get you.  There’s a thunderstorm cranking outside, which gives me all the more reason to stay exactly where I am… and I’m ok with that.

photo 3

What are you up to this fine holiday weekend?

Tango and I hope you’re getting to lay around as well.

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My Weekend Home

I was supposed to be in Cleveland this weekend, but my trip got cancelled at the last minute so I got to stay home and spend some time chillin’ and hanging with a lot of peeps I haven’t seen in a while. It was great!

I got up Saturday morning, 
put on running clothes for a run and workout, 
and then ended up making a pie instead. 
as I said… ish happens.

I got to hang on the river with my brother and his family…

did a ton of playing 
and laying around with the Tang

and had my nephew, Jaxson school me in some puzzle-making. 

Can’t complain. 
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My Weekend Home

Lay in Bed, 
catch up on Grey’s
…with a beer…
or two. 
Lay in bed, 
while tons of people ran the Derby 1/2 and Full marathon. 
Meet Sarah for breakfast. 
Make this video because we’re excited about upcoming bootcamps
and hanging out more:
Had rehearsal with Tamara.

Went to Churchill Downs

for Opening night. 
Got hailed on. 
Lost money. 
Went to Cherokee Triangle Art Fair
Got super inspired by this 11 year old (I’m guessing)
playing the mandolin, 
all alone, 
for tips. 
He’s a badass. 
Showed dance piece… with a janky shoulder… looked janky.

Dinner night with the fam!

What a great weekend home.
I could get used to this.
Probably not. 

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Weekend off with Tango…

So looking back at my planner from the year so far, 
I’ve only spent two entire weekends home. 
And those were both in January
It’s nearly May. 
Let’s take a look at where I’ve been so far in 2012 (other than home): 
Superior, WI/ Duluth, MN
San Francisco, CA
Indianapolis, IN
Chicago, IL
Washington DC
Chicago, IL
Denver/Granby, CO
Nashville, TN
Miami, FL
San Diego, CA
Shelton, CT
Buffalo, NY
Niagara ON, Canada
Charleston, SC
Savannah, GA
Cincinnati, OH
Chicago, IL
Guess where I’m going this weekend?
Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App
 I have the entire weekend off.
To be home. 
To hang with Tang,
and my fam,
and other buds… 
Peace out, homies
and Happy Friday! 
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Freakin’ Weekend…

Is this anybody else this weekend?

I need to catch up on Grey’s, watch a couple eps of Entourage from last season, go to yoga… oh, and prep for the week ahead. New bootcamps starting, new clients, assessments on all the standing clients, South Carolina travel prep, etc. It’s gonna be a pretty big Sunday. Might go to Bed, Bath, and Beyond. Not sure if I’ll have enough time…
Also, the winner of my Personal Training Giveaway is:
Joann Mattingly!
Thanks to Crystal V. for entering you! : )
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Whirlwind Weekend

This week has gone by slowly, which is very weird. But I’m glad. I head out to Boston in a couple hours, catch up with couple friends tonight, teach a TRX Certification tomorrow, fly home tomorrow night, then go rock climbing on Sunday. It’ll be great, but fast.
I hope you guys all have a lovely weekend… and you’re not too sleepy from watching the royal wedding this morning. (I was forced to decline my invitation, unfortunately… too many things to do this weekend. Damn commitments. Don’t worry, I sent a gift) Watch the 3 minute wedding recap here in case you missed it.
Kate was stunning, wasn’t she? Thoughts on her gown?
Happy weekend!
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Local Love – The Louisville Palace

This post has nothing to do with fitness, but everything to do with how much I love my hometown and all the cool things to do in it.
I love all things local, especially when they are traditions you’ve grown up with. Originally built in 1928, the Louisville Palace theatre is one of the oldest currently operating theatres in Louisville. With its incredibly ornate interior, the Palace shoots you back in time and makes any viewing there feel like the coolest evening you’ve ever had. While it makes an insane concert venue, it also hosts one of the coolest summer events in the city: The Classic Movie Series.

Through the summer months, they play all kinds of old, classic movies but they always do a Hitchcock Series as well. A different movie plays every weekend. They’ll show everything from Psycho to Marnie to North by Northwest. On the marquis this weekend?
The Man Who Knew Too Much – Starring the ever dapper James Stewart and the gorgeous Doris Day.
Not only is all of this mind-blowingly cool, but to add to it: tickets are only $5!
I love Louisville! Happy Weekend!
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