Kickass Tunes: The Mend

Who loves kickass, folksy tunes? ME. 
Especially when they’re written and performed by kickass people… and especially when those peeps are from Kentucky… and really especially when I happen to know the artist personally, and can vouch for his awesomeness.
May I present: 
So sit back, 
kick your feet up, 
pretend you’re in Kentucky for a hot second, 
and have a listen: 
*my fave is #9 
<p>&amp;amp;amp;lt;p&amp;amp;amp;gt;&amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;lt;a href=””&amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;gt;The Mend by JasonTylerBurton&amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;lt;/a&amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;gt;&amp;amp;amp;lt;/p&amp;amp;amp;gt;</p>
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Freakin’ Weekend…

Is this anybody else this weekend?

I need to catch up on Grey’s, watch a couple eps of Entourage from last season, go to yoga… oh, and prep for the week ahead. New bootcamps starting, new clients, assessments on all the standing clients, South Carolina travel prep, etc. It’s gonna be a pretty big Sunday. Might go to Bed, Bath, and Beyond. Not sure if I’ll have enough time…
Also, the winner of my Personal Training Giveaway is:
Joann Mattingly!
Thanks to Crystal V. for entering you! : )
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Giveaway! Personal Training

I’m where I am today because at various times throughout my life, people have given to me, asking nothing in return. Every so often I like to give away 2 Free Personal Training sessions.
Because that’s what I can offer.
And it’s time again!

Maybe you want a personal trainer but can’t afford one.
Maybe you already workout but you just want some new exercises to add to your routine.
Maybe you have a friend whose b-day is coming up and you’ve haven’t gotten a gift yet.
Maybe you want to start working out and you just need a kick start.
Either way…

How do you enter?
Well I’m glad you asked! : )
1) Live in or around Louisville, KY… or be willing to travel here.
2) Leave a comment below with your email addy.
3) Shoot me an email with your name.
((Don’t worry. I don’t even have an email list so you won’t go on it.)
4) Tweet about it.
5) Facebook about it.
Winner will be drawn Friday, September 23rd.
Then it’ll be Friday,
and you will have won something,
and you’ll be really pumped…
‘Cause winning is awesome.
Good luck!
photo 1, 2
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Happy Birthday, Jenn!

Dear Jenn,
Happy Birthday! I wish we could go ride roller coasters again…
Our story: We met dancing in college…
then hung out a lot at the town coffee shop…
then went climbing a lot…
and paintballing…
and snowboarding…
and a ton of other stuff along the way.
We have a lot in common and have had sooo many fun times and great trips! We are actually living in the same state for once and have been able to hang a lot in the last few months, which I’m extremely grateful for! At the end of this month she’ll move away for the summer to go back to seasonal work in Wyoming (punky brewster). But it’s ALL GOOD ’cause I’m gonna go visit this time! Yessss. So enjoy your Birthday, Jenn! You have a fun few months ahead and I’m glad you’ll get a break from all the craziness lately. Winners! (high five)
Love you,
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Climb On! Red River Gorge

I got to go rock climbing with good friends this weekend! FINALLY! It’s been over a year and half since I’ve been climbing outdoors and was sooo glad to have a work-free weekend, and friends with open schedules. It’s been years since we got to climb together. Me, Jason, Andrea, and Adam set out to the Red River Gorge on Saturday. Since I was a hot mess (from not being in good climbing shape), we started with a couple easier warm ups and then went on to ish I couldn’t do. It’s good to get bitch-slapped humbled by rocks every now and then…
Getting set up…

Sorry, but there’s not a great way to get climbing action photos unless you’re taking them from above. So for your viewing pleasure… Jason’s Ass

Adam’s Ass

My ass.

Booyah. I think I was falling…
Adam: “You got me?” JB: “Yeah dude.”

JB getting lifted up and flung into a tree when Adam took a fall. Sweet.

Andrea: Official Cheerleader, Tango-Sitter, and Photographer of the day…

Tango: confused, but intent.

Me and the crack. The crack that took a huge chunk out of my finger. Thanks.
Miguel’s grub and Ale 8s afterward. Good climbing. Good friends. Great Saturday. I hope everybody has a kick ass week ahead!

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Giveaway Winner!

Woo Hoo! Congrats, A-Town!

The winner of this month’s Giveaway of 2 Personal Training sessions is Alicia S! I call her A-Town, hence the crazy logo up there. I thought it was funny. She probably will too. Everybody will probably think it’s weird. Oh well… : )

Congrats Alicia!
Everybody else, don’t worry. There will be another one in a month! So keep checking back! Happy New Year!
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I love having talented friends. A pair of my good friends will be in Louisville tonight. They are both incredibly talented and both WAY fun to be around. Jenn and Jason Burton are college chums / climbing buddies/ travel companions/ game night competititors/ and total winners (inside joke). Can’t wait to see them and hear some of Jason’s music tonight.

Listening links/Free downloads:
Paper Angels (my personal fave)
Daylight Mercy

Rudyard Kipling @9pm tonight! Come out if you’re local!
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and the winner is…

***SHANNA! ***
Congrats to Shanna for winning 3 free personal training sessions with me! Thanks to everybody who entered. Shanna, please shoot me an email so we can connect and begin.
If you entered and didn’t win, but would like options on how to train with me, I have several for you. Some more pricey, some less pricey. I’ve got a solution for everybody though so don’t give up!
Have a great day everybody!
image via Lumaxart
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Last Day for the Give Away!

Today’s your last chance to win 3 FREE Personal Training sessions with me!

Leave a comment at the bottom of this post or send me an email ( to enter. Leave a sentence or two telling me why you want/need a trainer.
I’m drawing the winner in the morning! Good luck!
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Give Away!

Who wants a personal trainer for free? Dumb question, right? EVERYBODY does. So here’s your chance to get one. It’s simple:

Just leave me a comment, below, telling me why you want/need one. You don’t have to write a book, just a line or two.

I’ll draw a winner in 1 week and they will have 3 FREE PERSONAL TRAINING sessions with me. A $195 value!

*This only applies to those who live in Louisville, sorry CA peeps!*
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