Chi-town in February…

… is REALLY COLD. Like 18 degrees as the high, cold.
I had to teach a TRX course yesterday in Chicago, so I decided to make a weekend out of it, like I usually do when I get to go to fun cities. My friend Brian*, from San Diego decided to come visit the same weekend so we made a road trip from KY to IL and then did tourist-y things all weekend. Good times, for sure. : )
The drive north:
The snow that was really fun to drive in:
Taxi that had my nickname:
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our reflection in The Bean in Millennium Park:
freezing our asses off, but enjoying watching
the ice skaters fall:
enjoying the view from the cafe at the top
of the Hancock Observatory:
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Even though it was only 18 degrees out, (which is about 60 fewer degrees than I prefer) we had a blast! It’s rare that I actually get to experience the tourist side of a city so I’m glad we got to run around this weekend before I had to work and he had to jet back to SD. So long, Chicago!
actually, I’ll be back in two weeks… so… until then, Chicago!

*and just so everybody knows: yes, brian is hot. yes, we are great friends. no, we’re not dating. ’cause i know what you’re thinking. ’cause i’ve already been asked. a lot.
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  1. Thanks for adding the * comment at the end… because I was totally going to say all those things! xo

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