Christmas Decorating for a Tiny Rental

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Getting creative for the holidays, especially in a tiny rental, can be tricky.

I wanted to mix things up without spending a lot of money, and without putting holes in my walls…

Decorating a ladder like a tree was a fun idea and since I looked it up on Pinterest and saw a bunch of other people had done it before me, I felt validated.  And I liked doing something different this year. I took the ladder I’d already been using in one corner of my place and moved it to this one.  I had to keep the ladder closed in order to make my one strand of lights fit around it, and then turned it backwards and tilted it so that the ornaments could hang/balance on the rungs.


It’s simple and it’s sweet, so I like it.

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I had a bunch of leftover ornaments that I needed to use so I decided to give my fireplace some use. It’s never been used (shocking, in Southern California) so I opened the doors, vacuumed out the cobwebs and pulled the screen sides closed. They were perfect for hanging the smaller ornaments on. Also, because EVERYTHING in my apartment is beige, (who do I petition to ban the use of the color beige on apartment walls?)  it gave this area a tiny bit of color.

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 Tango’s new favorite stuffed animal always seems to wind up near the snowflake pillow these days. I think it’s his new favorite spot. I come home most days to find the dog up here on the couch, the pillow covered in white fur, and Tango by the door. He’s smart enough to make it off the couch in time for me to unlock the door and not get caught, which is cute enough for me to not get mad.


Shoutout to Michael’s last week for their 60% off sale on holiday decor and the extra “20% off your entire purchase” coupon. I got some red-trimmed burlap for a desk runner, these branches, and the cute mistletoe sign for all under $12. I don’t even like craft stores, but I will admit this ish looks good. “Not a total Betty but a vast improvement.” <<< Name that movie.

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And I put real pinecones in my vase. I’m like Martha-freakin-Stewart over here. I just need to find a few more…

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And that’s all I have. For my tiny place. And the money that I’m willing to spend on “decor.”

How’s decorating going at your place, fellow renters (or owners of small spaces)?

What are some ways to mix things up, not spend a ton, and/or not put holes in your walls?

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  1. I decided to just say “no” to traditional holiday colors this year and used all fuscia and silver. I have to say…I kinda love it! I have lots of photos hanging on my walls but I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on holiday wall hangings so I just wrapped my existing photos in glittery fuscia holiday paper (shocking how much pink holiday stuff there actually is at Michaels), put bows and ribbons around them and hung them back on the wall for art that looks like hanging christmas presents!

    • Ami says

      That sounds awesome!! I love that idea. I love decorating, but I hate having tons of “stuff” that just sits in closets. I have ONE box of decor for the holidays and I like it like that. I love your idea though and will keep that in mind for the future!

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