Christmas Road Trip: California to Canada!

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Tango and I are off tomorrow! We’ll be leaving San Diego around noon and are hoping to get to my man-friend’s in Canada by late Christmas Eve. It’ll be two looooong days on the road, but we’re pumped! Twenty two hours of driving may seem absurd to you, but Tango and I love road trips. And by driving, it means I don’t have to leave Tango behind. Christmas together is worth it! Here’s why it’ll be all good:


1) Podcasts! I’ve been kind of obsessed with them ever since our last road trip and now subscribe to quite a few. I’ve been saving all the new episodes from the last two weeks so I can listen to them on the drive. They won’t last the whole way, but I’m excited nonetheless.

2) Playlists! All my Christmas playlists have been synced to my phone and iPad, as well as the full albums that I love (the ones where every song is great). Cue the Adele!

Safety Precautions

My mother knows enough about me now to trust that I always take road tripping safety seriously. I’ve done this enough (my last one was a couple months long) to know that if you’re prepared for sh** to go wrong, you can deal with it quickly so that it doesn’t affect your trip. Even though she seems ok with it, everybody else seems to be freaking out about us… So in order to ease your minds, you other mothers of mine, here’s how overprepared we are.

Car Safety: 

I got the oil changed this weekend, had my tire pressure adjusted, got them to replace my wipers and top off the fluids. Today I changed one of my tail lights that’s been out for a while now. (Better late than never)

I have a car kit that has jumper cables and other emergency tools in it, I know how to change a tire (thanks, Dad!), and I have AAA for any other sh** that might hit the fan. I also own a real atlas, that covers the entire continent, and I know how to use it in case I don’t have cell service for my gps.

Survival Safety: 

The car kit always stays in the back of my car, but in my glove box I always keep a first aid kit and hand warmers. The dry food and water for the trip and my zero degree sleeping bag will stay in the floorboard of my passenger seat so that it’s all reachable. I have a car charger for my cell phone and more than one person that knows the route and plan.

And if you saw this post from my last road trip, you know I’m always ready to cut a bitch (or mase/hammer them) if they even think about attacking me.


I’ve also been tracking the weather forecast every damn day. And so far there’s only a chance of 1 inch of snow.

So while you may be imagining me driving on this


I’ll actually be driving on roads like this:

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So we are all set! I have two classes to teach in the morning, then it’s TRIP ON!

I hope you’re all getting to spend the holidays (if you celebrate them) with the ones you love.

Be safe if you’re traveling! xoxo

Ami and Tango

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