Christmas Tree 2012: Lumberjack Edition

So Tamara and I tried to cut down our own tree last Christmas, 
but we got to the farm too late and it was already dark. 
So this year, we were determined (or at least I was)
to cut down our own Christmas Tree. 
So out we went.
I was picturing a saw like this: 
And our performance as intense as this: 
I’ve always been entranced by lumberjack competitions on ESPN
so that’s what I was envisioning… 
I never saw any of those guys use a saw like this: 

It’s ok though. 
We got this ish…

OK… Coat is off. 
Position changed. 
Half splits give you better leverage anyway: 

Getting there: 


Here’s a fun fact: 
At this particular farm it costs twice as much to cut down your own tree. 
Which makes total sense. 
Apparently, they ship in the trees, plant them, and then you cut them down. 
Pre-cut tree: $40
Our manually cut tree: $90
Decorated tree photos/story coming soon! 
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  1. But the photos and the memory are worth every bit of that $90.
    P.S. you look cute in that hat 🙂

  2. hahahahaha love the last photo, hot shot!

    thats so funny they charge more to cut it, all for the experience paha

    and girly turn off this comment word verification!

  3. You are FOR SURE coming to Wisconsin for some Lumberjill training.

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