Christmas Tree 2012: Part II

After the jankyness that was last year’s Christmas Tree Fiasco
we though we were doing good by getting our tree without too many hiccups. 
We got our $90 tree home, in the stand, and started to decorate. 
I was bummed about having to throw out my family’s artificial tree last year
but was glad I still had the old lights that we’d used for years: 

Until we plugged them in and realized only a few bulbs actually lit. 
Son of a BITCH. 

So off to Walgreens we went. 
(We were not in the mood for a full-on hardware store trip)
And everything was fine. 
: ) 

Every dancer has cheesy dance ornaments. 
Love them. 

And our cute “McMullen-Begley Christmas 2012” Joy ornament. 
Who knew Walgreens had so much Christmas gear? 

And here’s another fun fact about Christmas tree shopping. 
You pay by the foot. 
Even when the last foot is ONE RANDOM BRANCH. 
That effing janky long branch cost us an additional $12. 

So we’re letting it shine in all its glory: 

I think it looks like it’s fist pumping. 
Forgive the pajamas. 
And that face. 

Alas, we have a tree. And it’s beautiful. 
And it stays lit 24/7 ’round these parts. 

How about you? Is your tree up already? 
Any issues?


Just in case you want to see footage of how awkward cutting down your own tree can be,
Scotty D filmed it for you guys:


You’re welcome.

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  1. Since it’s fist pumping, you should totally name your tree, The Situation or Snooki (I don’t know if it’s a girl or a boy).
    I’m getting my tree on Saturday and I cannot wait!!!

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