Christmas Tree Part 2 – The Jank Continues…

So after we put up the old family tree, and after we tried to fix the janky stand, we decided that maybe it’s time to retire the fake tree and go out and buy a real one. It would smell better anyway… But by this time it was late, we were tired, and it wasn’t going to happen that night. We still needed some sort of Christmas decor though… we’d been SO excited to get a tree up.

So why not plug in Tamara’s grandmother’s ceramic tree she’d given us?
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OMG even this tree is janky!
Note the light that looks a little different from the rest:
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Anybody missing any Lite Brite pieces?
to be continued… again…
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  1. OMG! My grandma has one of those and so does my mom:) Oh, the memory flash I just had when I saw your pics.


  2. My Nana had one of those trees! I wonder what happened to it…

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