As you may know, we have 5 animals in our house.
My dog, 3 cats, and Churchill.
Churchill is Tamara’s dog and he’s… special. ; )
If nothing else, we stay plenty entertained.
Churchill gets this burst of energy every night around 9:30pm.
I filmed this (do you “film” with your iPhone?)
after he’d already been at it for a few minutes:
And this is what he and Cash like to do
on a regular basis:
(I promise Cash isn’t being hurt.
He loves this and could run off, if he wanted to, at any time)
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  1. haha “off the couch”

    pets are way too amusing. kinda like 2 year olds or something

  2. AH! This is too cute. I’m sure if I had a dog to entertain my cat, they would do something similar to this.

  3. Haha so cute! I want a pet! Just a little complicated with my life right now. But they bring so much fun!

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