Climb On! Red River Gorge

I got to go rock climbing with good friends this weekend! FINALLY! It’s been over a year and half since I’ve been climbing outdoors and was sooo glad to have a work-free weekend, and friends with open schedules. It’s been years since we got to climb together. Me, Jason, Andrea, and Adam set out to the Red River Gorge on Saturday. Since I was a hot mess (from not being in good climbing shape), we started with a couple easier warm ups and then went on to ish I couldn’t do. It’s good to get bitch-slapped humbled by rocks every now and then…
Getting set up…

Sorry, but there’s not a great way to get climbing action photos unless you’re taking them from above. So for your viewing pleasure… Jason’s Ass

Adam’s Ass

My ass.

Booyah. I think I was falling…
Adam: “You got me?” JB: “Yeah dude.”

JB getting lifted up and flung into a tree when Adam took a fall. Sweet.

Andrea: Official Cheerleader, Tango-Sitter, and Photographer of the day…

Tango: confused, but intent.

Me and the crack. The crack that took a huge chunk out of my finger. Thanks.
Miguel’s grub and Ale 8s afterward. Good climbing. Good friends. Great Saturday. I hope everybody has a kick ass week ahead!

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  1. Super Awesome is what I think!! And very brave. Those are super photos…love the facial expression in the tree episode;))))

  2. that looks intense! but so much fun. never been – i’ll have to add it to “the list” – hope you have a great week!

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