Climbing in Krabi

It shouldn’t be a surprise that I went on a climbing trip while in Thailand and neglected to bring my climbing shoes… ’cause that’s how I roll. (I never remembered my dance costumes for competitions, I brought my cap to my graduation but not my gown, and forgot the video camera for my wedding… just to give you some perspective)

So guess who got to pay 500 Baht
to rent broken down climbing shoes
that a bunch of nasty people
have put their grody feet into.
But it was totally worth it.
The hike up to the Thaiwand Wall
Checking out the sweet climb we’re about to do
… and the kick-ass view
The only photo we took while climbing…
’cause you’re kinda busy with your hands
An insanely amazing trip that I’ll never forget
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  1. WOW- That must have been so amazing! Great photos.

    You sound just like me…I always forget the obvious LOL!

  2. Looks awesome!!!

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