Convos With Kiddos: Round 2

If you’re new around here, I have two bonus sons. Tristen has just turned 9 years old and Robin is 7. As with all kids, they say some funny shit. I forget so much of it, but I try to keep a running list in my Notes app on my phone. Here are some of the recent faves I managed to jot down immediately after:

Scene: Tristen got the game “Bop It” for his birthday.

Me: “Awesome! I used to love that game when I was kid.”

Tristen: “Wow. I didn’t know Bop It was a  really really old game.”

Me: …

Scene: Fraser folding laundry at the table and one of the cups from one of my sports bras fell onto the floor next to Robin.

Robin, matter-of-factly: “One of Ami’s boobs fell on the ground.”

Scene: Summer vacation and us leaving a beach called Halfway Log Dump (named that because it’s where they used to dump lumber they were transporting over the water across Ontario)

Robin: Perplexed – “Halfway Log Dump?! Why don’t they just call it Beautiful Beach?”

Scene: The breakfast table on the morning of my birthday this year.

Tristen: “Ami how old are you this year?”

Me: “I’m 33.”

Tristen: “Daddy, how old are you again?”

Fraser: “I’m 48.”

Tristen: Doing math in his head. “Wow. You’re a LOT older than Ami.”

Us: Laughing and nodding yes.

Tristen: “Like. A lot older.” Thinks for a few more seconds…  “Ami, you’re way younger than Daddy.”

Us. “We got it, bud.”

Scene: The boys and Fraser hopping into our bed for story time one evening. Tristen pushing some of my clothes off the bed (I had just changed to do a workout).

Tristen: Rolling over, catching my bra clasp on his sleeve. “AHHHH! There’s a breast on me!”


Scene: Fraser’s mom was in town and we all went to pick Robin up from his after-school program.

Granny: “Hey, Robin!”

Robin: “Hey, Granny! Your hair is WHITE!”


Scene: Searching Google images for pictures of Alexander Hamilton for Robin who was curious about what he looked like (we’ve listened to the soundtrack a bunch and I’m currently reading the biography).


Robin: That’s what he looked like?

Me: “That’s one drawing. Let’s look at some others. He was painted a few times.”

Robin: “Oh.”


and then when we got to this next one…


Robin: “Oh. They painted his mom too.”

Scene: Fraser and kids in bed reading stories. Tristen leaps up out of bed without saying anything.

Fraser: “You going to the washroom?”

Tristen: “Yep. I have my penis out and at the ready.”

Ah. These boys…

Love ’em.

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