Cultural Differences… Kentucky vs. Canada

If you are new here, I am from Kentucky. My man-friend is from Canada. Other than the accents and the weather, I didn’t think there was that much different between the two countries… The more I visit though, the more I see.
I will highlight a few:
In the South: Krispy Kreme
In the North (east): Dunkin Donuts
In Canada: Tim Hortons
Kentucky: ATVs (4 wheelers)
Canada: Snow mobiles
USA: Dollar
Canada: Loonie
It’s still a dollar, but they call it a Loonie because of the Loon featured on one side.
It’s really weird the first time you hear somebody say they need a loonie or two…

Car Heating
Kentucky: You start your car 5 minutes before you leave.
Canada: You plug your ish in when you park it.

These posts are all over the place. They heat up the engine block as I understand it.
I just thought there were a ton of electric cars in Canada…

Snow Days 
Kentucky: 1-3 Inches of snow needed to call a snow day.
(and all the bread/milk disappears from the grocery shelves)
Canada: They don’t have snow days.


Metric System
USA: Pounds, Inches, Miles, Fahrenheit
Canada (and the rest of the world): Kilograms, Centimeters, Kilometers, Celsius

I’m getting better at conversions…

USA: price per gallon
Canada: I still don’t know what this means
…or how much I’m going to pay for a tank of gas:


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  1. Great post… love it! You could keep these going all day!!! LOl

  2. Haha! I had a bunch written down, but decided to save them for later! 🙂 Thanks for reading!

  3. The ‘meanwhile in Canada’ meme just kills me!

    • Jimmy says

      Especially because it’s not in Canada. That location is actually in the Japanese Alps.

      • Ami says

        Yeah, you can definitely tell that photo’s not in Canada, as people are driving on the left side of the road. The meme is funny though… ; )

  4. We price our gas per litre 🙂

    Love this post! 🙂

  5. Jessica, I know it’s priced per litre, but what does that sign mean? $112.90/litre? $1.129/litre? I’m confused by the sign…

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