Taking Mona Lisa smile selfies at the local cafe and blogging. #shitgirlssay


Making: An effort to finish the 3 blog posts I’ve started this week…

Wanting: to find a hotel room in London with my Marriott points. Not all my points though. 

Watching: Ballet 422 this weekend! I rented it last week and keep forgetting that I have it. PUMPED.

Listening: Not Pandora or Spotify. Canada doesn’t have access to them. So it’s my The Best of Miles Davis album.

Eating: Random: Who knew when you ordered a grilled cheese that it would come with popcorn?

Smelling: Pine. All the time. The mountains are my jam.

Drinking: Coffee that needs way more sugar in it. Does anybody else keep drinking coffee, even though they don’t like it? I’m operating under the assumption that if I keep drinking it, it will taste good one day.

Reading: This amazing book by Tara Sophia Mohr. If you are female, you need to read it.

Wishing: That this trip wasn’t flying by so quickly. I’ll be settled and back to working in a month!

Enjoying: This amazing weather! Everybody talks about “The Monsoon in June” around here and I’ve yet to see it. Which probably just jinxed me… but it’s seriously been amazing. Sunny and 75! Or 24… if you’re on metric.

Hoping: To finish selecting my route from Canada to San Diego this week. I have to find campgrounds! Do I go Vancouver/Seattle and then down the middle of California? Or straight over to Portland and then down the coast? I have 5 days to travel 29 hours…

Needing: To nail down an apartment in San Diego. I’ll be there in just a couple weeks and I’ve still got nothin.’

Feeling: Fatigued. My 20 mile bike ride yesterday did me in. I gotta ride my bike more. My ass also hurts…

Wearing: A tank top and shorts!  From the mall.  Real clothes. i.e. Not fitness clothes!

Noticing: That I need to seriously up my outdoor sports game. Everybody around here climbs crazy hard, bikes even harder, and does it all at this altitude, while I’m gasping for air and needing two days to recover. I’m gonna need a year here to be able to hang.

Loving: My man-friend for being super patient with me and coming down to my level. Thanks, babe!

Pinning: This Dr.’s view on CrossFit. And this Dr.’s help on trigger points. And Bourbon Slush. ; )

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  1. brooke lyn says

    I know it’s not a campground, but if you need a place in pdx to crash you know who to call!

    • Ami says

      Thanks, girl! Is Tango (and his fur) allowed as well? If so, we may take you up on that!

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