It’s been a blustery last few days here in San Diego. Tango’s ears blowing in the wind was my jam this week, as well as knowing I get to leave for Thailand in 4 days! I’ve got the weekend off and plan on a brew fest with friends, watching Netflix, and hanging more with Tango on the beach. Here’s what else is on my radar currently:


Making: Trader’s Joe’s Pumpkin Muffins. I don’t care if it’s 80 degrees in SD. It’s fall in my kitchen.

Wanting: to go camping… I’d like a couple nights sleeping outside, somewhere quiet. 

Watching: Drunk History: Harriet Tubman Leads an Army of Bad Bitches. <<< Worth your time. Worth 5 times. I’ve watched at least that much.

Listening: To PODCASTS. It’s safe to say I’m kind of obsessed (#shitgirlssay).  I have a few new ones that I’m loving and am working on a post about them now for next week.

Eating: Avocados have been my jam lately. I never liked them growing up, but now I’m eating one every other day.

Smelling: My fall candles! Pumpkin Vanilla, Autumn Air, Fall Day. Thank you, Target $1 bin!

Drinking: Trader Joe’s Vino Verde. You can’t get a better summer evening white wine than this one for less than $5. Boo yah.

Reading: This, and this, but wanting a new vacay book! I can’t decide which novels I want to download before my flight next week. I need a page-turner. Recommendations, please!

Wishing: That I could bring back the 6 eucalyptus trees my apartment complex cut down this week. : (

Enjoying: The weather last couple of days. The wind (as seen above) and the cooler temps are welcome after all this heat and humidity.

Hoping: That I can get all my stuff and climbing gear packed into my carry-on for my Thailand flights on Tuesday. Last time I went, I checked a bag. I’m hoping to condense this time.

Needing: To be super productive today and tomorrow to make up for how unproductive I was the last couple days…

Feeling: Marvelous and grateful that my friend Rafael is home where he belongs.

Wearing: This TRX tank a lot. This thing is so soft and thin. It’s great for keeping you cool while you’re sweating like a beast. And just noticed this one too…

Noticing: That I have 3 days left to get a lot of stuff done before Asia Fitness Conference. I’m excited about my first International presenting gig. ; )

Loving: The 90 minute convo I got to have with my best friend, Amanda the other day. The older we get the more we rely on text and email so a phone call was awesome. I was planning on just leaving her a message and she just so happened to be home alone while her kids were at their grandparents’. We covered a lot of ground and it was awesome.

Pinning: This wall mural. These pumpkin pie cupcakes. And this butcher paper idea. Follow me on Pinterest here.


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