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Making: This one-skillet sweet potato burrito bowl monstrosity for dinner tonight.

Wanting: California to be right next to Kentucky, and just south of Canada. So I could drive to either place in half a day.

Reading: The Invention of Wings by Sue Monk Kidd (author of The Secret Life of Bees). It’s good so far! I’m almost halfway.

Watching: ALL the Grey’s Anatomy. I finally finished season 11. About to embark on Season 12. I watched one episode of Making a Murderer and am undecided on watching the rest. I know it’s just going to make me frustrated and angry and I don’t know if I need that right now. And maybe starting a new show on Netflix. Recommendations? Parenthood, Breaking Bad,  Downton Abbey, or something else?

Listening: The way too short Call Your Girlfriend podcast today. And the new Serial episode when we go for our evening walk later… And looking forward to starting The Black Tapes for this weekend’s walks.

Eating: Crescent rolls and chocolate chips.

Smelling: The chai tea that’s steeping.

Drinking: About to be drinking tea, am pondering the drinking of margaritas later though…

Eating: Trader Joe’s Black Bean and Quinoa chips and their verde salsa. YUM.

Wishing: That the warmth of the sun would come back. The last two days were marvelous. The clouds are back though…

Enjoying: This couch and blanket.

Hoping: To get a cheap flight to Denver booked this weekend for our upcoming Sipinski ski trip.

Needing: To film my Fit Club’s workout for next week… but this couch is feeling pretty good right now.

Feeling: Like I miss my old roomie, Tamara and the animals. Living alone is good, but we had some really good times together. And more money. ; )

Wearing: workout clothes. Shocker.

Noticing: That the days are getting just a teensy bit longer. The sun sets at 5:11pm tonight… Ready for summer!

Loving: that my BFFs and I are planning our girl’s trip. Can’t wait for a weekend with just them.

Pinning: 8 Sex Positive Things You Can Say to Your Kids That Have Nothing to do with Sex.


And I’ll close with this photo from my man-friend’s visit to SD last weekend.

Happy Friday, y’all!

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  1. Netflix recommendations: #1 on my list is Orphan Black. Watch it if you love kick-ass women of all flavors, suspense, laughter, family love, and just enough sci-fi/fantasy to transport you to another place. Tatiana Maslany is the best thing since salted nuts. If you’ve seen it already, sorry for the advertisment 🙂

    Breaking bad is also fantastic.

    If you want to watch a beautiful man with a sexy accent (Idris Alba) and whip-smart hilarious sociopath (Ruth Wilson) play cat and mouse games while solving gruesome murder mysteries (and you do) check out Luther — but i would do it when your man friend or some other brave person is there to watch it with you because it can be jump-out-of-your-skin scary.

    Downton Abbey is beautiful and wonderful and a great way to end a night.

    hope this helps (can you tell my favorite way to end the day is with a cup of tea, my wife, and an hour or two of netflix?)


    ps Same here with Making a Murderer. A really good alternative is the movie Central Park 5. Also a true story about a miscarriage of justice, but it wraps up in two hours and gives you some satisfaction in the end. But it still makes you want to pick up a sign and join the next protest against civil rights violations.

    • Ami says

      OMG Mary Beth. This comment is my jam. Thanks so much for all the recs! All your Netflix watching has served well!

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