Because sometimes you need a little series template to get you back in the groove of blogging…

Making: My bracket for March Madness. The bet is on again this year and I’m not planning on losing. Again.

Wanting: This year’s election coverage to go away so I can enjoy the last of Obama’s term in peace.

Reading: All The Single Ladies: Unmarried Women and the Rise of The Independent Woman by Rebecca Traister

Watching: This preview for National Park Adventure. It comes out this weekend!

Listening: New Podcasts! Enormocast (a climbing podcast) and Stuff Mom Never Told You. Binge listening…

Drinking: I feel like I should leave “Margaritas” here permanently… Just copy and paste it into the template…

Eating: A tortilla.

Wishing: My frickin’ plants would stay alive. I bought succulents specifically because they don’t need to be watered as often and they’re still dying. Who has a green thumb out there? Help, please.

Enjoying: Having gotten one dance class and one climbing sesh in so far this week.

Hoping: To be in my tent next weekend. I need a camping trip on my calendar pronto.

Needing: To go to the grocery… as evidenced by what I’m currently eating.

Feeling: Sore from trying to put pull-ups back into my workouts on a regular basis.

Wearing: Activewear. Activewear. Typing a new post in my activewear.

Noticing: How much housework I get done when I should be doing tax prep. It’s amazing how I prioritize cleaning…

Loving: The time change! I know people freak out over the change in their sleep routine, but take a trip to Asia and back and you’ll never freak out over one hour again. Plus, the daylight! Love driving home NOT in the dark.

Loving 2: I put 2 of these in here because I’m pumped to have a free weekend this weekend! No travel and warm weather in the forecast!

Pinning: Beach camping in Mexico.

I’m signing off with a photo of me and Tang from earlier in the week. We’d agreed to do “the lookaway” but he ruined it by checking the camera at the last second. Dogs…


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