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Tango and I have just about 10 more days in Kentucky before we head out. We’re soaking up all the wide open spaces and time with my friends and family while we can. While I’m always bummed to be leaving my people, I’m also excited for an extended trip to Canada to spend a couple months with my man-friend and the boys. Since I haven’t been writing a ton here lately, here’s what’s been going on…

Making: Sweet Tea… pretty much every day. I’m going to enjoy it for my last week here in KY and then I’ll have to put the kibosh on all that sugar.

Wanting: To blog more. I’m working on 5 posts at once and can’t get any of them out. Hopefully that’ll change in the coming weeks. I miss this outlet.

Reading: I’m slowly making my way through Kathryn Hepburn’s autobiography, “Stories of My Life.” 

Watching: Grey’s Anatomy is back! (I’ve dedicated this many years to this show and damn it, I’m not stopping now) Bring on the tissues and all the feelings!

Listening: Malcolm Gladwell’s podcast, “Revisionist History.” The episode about the Little Hundred Million blew me away. I’ve been taking notes while listening to this ish because there are so many tiny sentences that I need to remember. So good.

Drinking: Bourbon slushies… Feast BBQ, y’all.

Eating: Steel City Pops. I’ve been workin’ away at my punch card. Four more until I get a free one. Bitches. ; )

Wishing: That Fall would just get here. Don’t get me wrong, I love summer. But it’s still 90 degrees in this b**** and I’m ready for fall. They say cooler temps are in the forecast for next week, but they’ve been saying that every week for the past month now.

Enjoying: Living with my mom since I’ve been home. I’ve missed her a ton and it’s been nice to watch movies, join forces on the daily crossword, take walks at night and cook together. My last 10 days in Kentucky with my people will be well spent.

Hoping: That somebody will come visit us in Canada this winter.

Needing: For everybody to just take a deep breath a little more often.

Feeling: Everybody’s fear. Seriously, it’s almost palpable… and the effects are crippling.

Wearing: The same 5 shirts, over and over again. I’d really like to get my stuff out of storage in San Diego…

Noticing: My deep need for quality time with my people.

Loving: Having another road trip on the horizon! Excited to pack up my gear and head west (and north) soon.

Pinning: These carrots (minus the thyme) and about a hundred house decor ideas. Even though I can’t technically move to Canada yet, my man-friend and I have a Pinterest board with our ideas for our space together. He’s currently building a sliding barn door… because he’s handy AF. I might not actually be there yet, but this long-distance-virtual-nesting is the next best thing.



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