I was in Southern California for the past week for work and had a few days in between projects to see some friends. I stayed with my good friends Ted and Ann and although I was hoping to spend copious amounts of time outside in the warm weather  it was cold and rainy most of the week. I’ll let it slide since California desperately needs some precipitation, but I will say it was nice going on a run yesterday morning in a tank top! It’s back to Canada tonight and I’m SO excited to get to my boys. Here’s what else is going on currently:

Making: The finishing touches on my online fitness program that I’ve been working on the past couple months. So excited to launch it soon… along with others.

Also making a photo document including at least 40 photos of my relationship with my man-friend (now husband) for the Canadian Immigration peeps. Going through 4.5 years of photos is rough. Can’t I just point them to our Facebook page?

Wanting: for our current president to be impeached already. We are a week in and I’m already stressed TF out.

Reading: Just finished “All The Light We Cannot See.” Just started “iLearning” by Mark Salisbury. And will probably start 1984 soon…

Watching: The ocean scenery turn into the mountain scenery on my flight from San Diego back to Canada. If anybody has some good Netflix series to recommend, I’ll take ’em!

Listening: My new favorite political podcast: Pod Save America.

Drinking: Free cocktails via my first class upgrade. #Shoutout United Airlines.

Eating: Pretzels…

Wishing: That all the paperwork goes thru ok for our visa process. Sh** gets real this week as we try to get everything in order so I can officially move to Canada and get a work permit.

Enjoying: The fact that it’s Friday and my man-friend gets home tonight. He’s been gone too for work this week and arrives a few hours after I do.

Hoping: That the current forecast for Canada stays above freezing like it says it’s going to.

Needing: Some time with my best friends. I miss them.

Feeling: Excited to go to Seattle to teach a TRX course next weekend! I’ve never been to Seattle before. Although it’ll be cold and rainy, I still plan to see as much as I can.

Wearing: Winter clothes now, but reminiscing on the tank tops that I wore yesterday and today for brief moments.

Noticing: How much more involved in politics I’m getting these days. Can’t imagine I’d ever watch White House Press Conferences 3 times in a single week or paying this much attention to Cabinet hearings…

Pinning: These stuffed sweet potatoes that I’m pumped about trying this week.

Loving: All the photos from the Women’s March last weekend. Especially #wokebaby


Have a great weekend, y’all!

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  1. I liked “All the Light We Cannot See” but thought it never lived up to the title, which is one of my favorite names for anything, ever.

    • Ami says

      I thought it was really well written. Kinda hard to read though, given our current political climate. Agreed on the title though. #stellar

  2. Erica Roselius says

    Have you Netflixed “Scandal”? Finally tuned in and am now in a serious binge…

    • Ami says

      Erica, I’ve been totally scared to start any series that has a million episodes and is already a few seasons in. I’ve been pretty keen on the Netflix originals as they tend to be 8-10 episodes total. But I hear Scandal is AMAZING! I’ll check it out. : )

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