It’s the last day of January and so far this year has been about hitting the ground running. After a year of not being able to work in Canada, I’ve got my work permit finally in place and I’m able to launch a few classes and start training clients. This feels amazing. Along with having a couple TRX courses on the calendar, my Fit Getaway retreat is happening in a little over a week down in Santa Barbara and I’m so excited about some sunshine, wine, and workouts with the awesome ladies that have signed up for it. If anybody wants to jump in and join us, please do! The weather forecast is looking fantastic so far. Here’s what else is happening:

Making: Progress on my productivity thanks to a few tools that I use and am sticking to. (I’ll be sharing these with everybody at the retreat next week.)

Wanting: To cut down on single use items in my house to cut down on waste, but it’s hard! I’m trying to be aware of everything that just gets used once and then thrown away. It’s a lot. I’ve stopped using paper towels since you can’t recycle those and am instead using dishtowels and baking soda mixtures to clean things. I also need to find a make-up remover liquid so I can cut out the wipes I use. Anybody have anything they use? There ain’t shit I can do about Q-Tips though, guys.

Moving: I’m starting Flash Fit Clubs Week 3 today. I also took a fun Booty class Monday night and did one of my Fit Body: Run treadmill interval runs on Sunday afternoon.

Reading: Originals by Adam Grant & A Gentleman in Moscow by Amor Towles, depending on which gets sucked up first by my library’s e-book system.

Writing: This blog piece for National Academy of Sports Medicine.

Watching: Catching up on Grey’s and trying to figure out which Netflix series to start next. I’ve seen Stranger Things & The Crown. Has anybody watched Manhunt or Ozark? Thoughts?

Listening To: Oprah’s Super Soul podcast is great, but her interview with Dr. Maya Angelou was SO good. The people who made Making Oprah (3 show series) are now about to release Making Obama next week! Can’t wait.

Drinking: So much tea.

Eating: This Italian Wonderpot pasta is so freakin’ fast and easy and the family loves it, so it’s perfect for a healthy meal on a busy night. Looking forward to Mexican food in Santa Barbara next week!

Enjoying: The perfect winter weather we’re having right now! It’s right at freezing with light snow every couple days. Not too much and not too cold. I love it!

Hoping: The warm weather stays in California for one more week. The forecast is looking great right now for my retreat next week! I want to lay out!

Needing: For the new phone case I ordered to get here. I’m really scared I’m going to drop it and break it.

Feeling: Excited for my retreat next week. It’s been on my goal list for a few years now and I’m finally getting to execute it. It’s such a good feeling and I’m already planning next year’s. Let me know if you want to be included in the emails for that one.

Wearing: I don’t even know why I keep this category in here. I’m always currently wearing fitness clothes… But I did buy those Patagonia corduroy pants in the photo up there a couple weeks ago. I’d been eyeing them for months and I had a gift card. AND THEY WERE ON SALE. Free pants that are going to last you a couple decades are the best pants.

Noticing: The days are getting longer! Hallelujah! And daylight savings changes on March 11 – Five and a half weeks away! It’s so hard to get going in the morning when it’s pitch black until 8:30am here so the fact that it’s getting lighter a little earlier helps me a ton.

Smelling: Nothing really, to be honest. All my holiday candles are gone. Womp womp.

Pinning: This article from the NYT on a bunch of different ways to make Brussel Sprouts. I’ve done the “Sauteed in animal fat” way a couple times now with bacon grease and it’s amazing. I’ve never made brussel sprouts myself until recently and I can say now I really like them. And it’s fast.

Wishing: “I really do want world peace.” – Gracie Lou Freedbush and me.

Loving: Working. Building up a clientele and fitness classes in a new city is always a slow process, but it’s SO nice to be allowed to make money now.

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  1. Lynn Bosscher says

    I love the Norwex face cloths to remove my makeup. They work amazing with just water, and you can wash and use them over and over.

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