Making: This butternut squash chowder. It’s perfect for this weather.

Wanting: for my body to be back on Eastern Standard Time. Sleep has not been a regular part of my schedule lately and I’m riding the struggle bus from 11am to 7pm most days… I’m averaging about 4 hours of sleep per night. About 6 less than my body tends to require. It’s super fun.

Watching: Scary movies in prep for Halloween. Saw Annabelle a couple weeks ago. Saw Ouija last night. #sleepingwiththelightson

Listening: to Walk The Moon’s “Come On And Dance With Me.” ¬†Still. It’s SOOOOOO fun.

Eating: Halloween Candy. : / Advice: Don’t, under any circumstances, purchase Halloween¬†candy 3 days before Halloween. It’s a bad idea. Make your purchase an hour before Trick-or-Treating begins.

Smelling: Pumpkin Spice, Apple Spice, & Vanilla candles. It’s a party for your nose up in here.

Drinking: Trader Joe’s Brut Champagne leftover from my Bootcamp’s Wine Down night… #win

Reading: Allegiant (Divergent series #3) and everything else that’s being made into a movie this year… Get pumped for the next book buzz, coming Monday.

Wishing: For the fall weather to keep cranking. I can’t handle winter weather just yet. Can we puh-lease stay above 45 degrees for a little while longer?! (It snowed last night. SNOWED.)

Enjoying: Having the weekend off!

Loving: Snuggling with Tango. Being gone for two weeks and away from him always kills me.

Hoping: To get at least 8 hours of sleep tonight. Fingers crossed!

Needing: More sleep (have you noticed a pattern here?).

Feeling: Satisfied to have gotten to hang with some friends and go out on the town for Halloween. I’m hardly ever home so it felt night to be normal and social. Excited to see Dance Theatre of Harlem tonight and a Ben Sollee concert tomorrow night. It’s a kickass weekend!

Wearing: Shorts to run in on Monday, in the sun. My down jacket and base layers on Friday, in the snow. Makes perfect sense. Not.

Noticing: That we have to set the clocks back this weekend! YAY for the extra hour of sleep. Extra hours of sleep are my jam.

Pinning: Everything under the sun. This is what happens when you’re jetlagged from a 12 hour time difference and you don’t fall asleep until around 4am… Pin my ish.


*This theme stolen from Bridget, who stole it from somebody else. C’est la vie.

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