Dance E’ery Day – days 2 & 3

So I’ve taken class every day this week so far! 
Experiences have varied…
Stretching is important. Fact. 

Day 2
Class was great! I went to SF Dance Center this time and it was meant to be; all the 10:00am Contemporary classes are on sale for $7 right now. Hello. I really enjoyed the instructor, the pace of the class, her choreography, AND I was having a good dance day. All good things. 
Day 3 
There was a different instructor and choreography was great! Choreography was great, however it was also WAY too long and taught way too fast for my old ass who hasn’t taken regular class in 8 years and can’t remember shit that well anyway brain to keep up with. I was way off balance today and couldn’t pick up things quickly at all. To say the least: it was a shitty class. 
Despite how much I wanted to be in class, I ended up getting really frustrated with myself (and a little with the teacher, even though it was my fault for sucking). I hate “off” days. They’re hard to bounce back from… even though it’s only my ego that takes a hit, it’s still defeating enough to ruin a morning. Over my many years of dancing, there were far less bad days than good. These days it’s the opposite. Oh well. I’ll just have to get over it. Having a sucky day in the studio every now and then won’t kill me. 
In the grand scheme of things, it’s no big deal.
 So I had a shitty morning. Whatever. 
I’ve gotten to take class 3 days this week
 and still get to take class two more days this week.
I had an awesome lunch date, 
got some work done, 
AND I get to go climbing tonight. 
 Glad Game, bitches. 
How do you deal with a poor performance days?
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